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Friday 19 April 2013

What's your favourite Corrie wedding?

There must be more weddings in Weatherfield than anywhere else in the country. In recent years they have grown into epic occasions, often the culmination of big plots, however in days gone by they tended to be more simple, straightforward affairs.

WIth news that another Corrie couple are set to tie the knot, I thought it would be good to have a wallow in Corrie weddings from the past.

Who can forget Emily's wedding to Ernest Bishop in 1972. The congregation were convinced that our Ernie would fail to show, but Emily had a quiet faith in her husband to be that proved correct. They celebrated with a simple tea in the Community Centre and a jazzed up version of the theme tune over the end credits. Nobody  went to jail or died in a massive explosion. Fancy that.

Then there was Rita's wedding to Len Fairclough in 1977. Ah yes, the only main drama after a will they won't they story lasting five years was a flat tyre delaying Len's arrival at the church. Gail and Suzie Birchall were the pin ups posing for the photographer outside. How times have changed. 

One of my favourite Corrie weddings from the past was Audrey's marriage to Alf Roberts in December 1985. These characters really were the making of each other. Following a registry office wedding, the wedding party retired to the good old Rovers Select where Alf couldn't wait to get his hands on the pies, Mike Baldwin made an inappropriate speech as best man and Phyllis Pearce starred in her own mini love triangle. 

This episode is also close to our hearts as it was the last episode to date where we witnessed Gail showing any clear sign of enjoying herself.

We can't go any further without mentioning Ken and Deirdre's nuptials. First of all there was their more traditional ceremony back in 1981, which proved a worthy rival to Charles and Diana's wedding which took place around the same time. Move forward to 2005 and a similar coincidence occurred. As Ken prepared to marry Deirdre for a second time, Prince Charles walked down the aisle again, on this occasion with Camilla. Of course the second Ken and Deirdre wedding took place in modern times so it could not pass off without a hitch - yes Deirdre's first husband Ray Langton died in the Rovers during the reception. 

It does seem these days that the weddings are becoming more eventful and ostentatious. In days gone by wedding receptions would take place in the Community Centre, the Town Hall or the Rovers Select, whereas these days country houses tend to be the preferred option for our favourite characters. Again, how times have changed. And nothing is ever without incident. Even Rita's most recent union with Dennis Tanner involved her being kidnapped by an evil creature from the Weatherfield underworld (no, not Rob Donovan). 

So cast your minds back please, and tell me which Corrie weddings you remember most fondly and why. 

I shall now sprinkle some imaginary confetti over the blog and retire to the Select for a sweet sherry and a vol au vent. 

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Anonymous said...

I loved Roy and Hayley's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon was the best. Becky, Fiz and Haley stranded on the train (this was when Mary showed her real dark side) and Roy driving the engine...happier than a little boy with a new train set. All the cast singing away in the coach...Sian and Sophie are outed by Claire. Roy's speech topped it all and was wonderful. Great Corrie moment!!

John in Cincinnati said...

One of the 'big' ones was Steve and Elsie's wedding in 1967. Then Elsie and Alan's in 1970 with the beautiful guitar piece and all the images of roses as they took a walk..both great weddings.

Llifon said...

Both Ken and Deirdre's weddings. And Rita and Len's.

Tvor said...

Both of Roy and Hayley's weddings were memorable and wonderful. My other all time favourite was Steve and Karen's second wedding, the one that Tracy interrupted trying to get Amy back and Karen discovered that Steve was Amy's dad. She nearly took a red stilletto to Tracy's head but married Steve anyway.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I loved Roy and Hayley's first wedding - when all their neighbours supported them after Les Battersby behaved like well, Les Battersby!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh yes Tvor, I agree - Someone really needs to take a red stiletto to Tracy again soon!

gavin martin said...

Who can forget the frist gay wedding between sophie and sian back in 2011 it was a real shame the wedding did not go as we hope

Unknown said...

Definitely Elsie Tanner & Alan Howard's for me. I just found it so serene


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