Monday, 29 April 2013

Karl threatens to kill Leanne

There's a good interview with Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Barlow on Coronation Street, over at Digital Spy today.

The interview's in two parts.  The first part Jane talks about the upcoming storyline for Leanne when she finds out that mum Stella and Karl are not only back together again, but that Karl's proposed to her.  Stella's going to find herself stuck for cash to keep the Rovers going as she can't afford to pay Owen. So she asks Leanne for the loan of the money and Leanne agrees - on condition that Stella bins Karl.

Karl, as you might imagine, doesn't take this news well and threatens Leanne.

The second part of the interview Jane reveals what it's like working with Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow and she also tells us a little bit about the new Rovers Return set:  "There's a new photograph of Betty on the wall, and the style of the pub isn't too dissimilar from what it was before. The layout is the same, but the design is a bit different."

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Another contrived story again, the insurance company would pay out in stages having used one of their approved builders. One man band Owen with his lovestruck sidekick r'Garrah who keeps disappearing to run after Teenar, wouldnt be able to cope with a major rebuild and wouldnt even be in the running especially as he tried to cheat Lady Beige over the bathroom only last year.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Haven't we just had a storyline where a violent villain is suspected by only a couple of people while portraying a phony front to the world? Oh yes, Kirsty and Tyrone.

Anonymous said...

Just bring Janice back. She'd soon sort out St Ella the Bland, and her mother too!

ChiaGwen said...

Humpty Dumpty: Don't forget Audrey and Hillman. Maybe this storyline will see Leanne confide in Jason as he was complaining about Karl to her,they put 2 and 2 together re: the fire and Karl, perhaps the start of something...? oh, St. Ella won't like that!

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