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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Corrie weekly awards - February 4 - 11

Floats like a butterfly, Stings like a bee: Gail comes into the salon. David "Ding, Ding! Round one!"

Reality check:
If David objects to an extra £100 a month for rent, moving out is going to cost him a heck of a lot more. So is buying the house, even with Gail's rent.

You gotta start somewhere:
Tracy packing knickers, next stop, Branson's empire? Not likely.

Desperation award: Tyrone thinks the only solution is to run away with the baby.

Continuity Fairy fail:
Tyrone got in the back door of Number 9, 5 minutes after Kirsty told her friends she'd changed the locks. Where did they get the car seat for Hope?

Guilt Trip award: Tyrone really laid it on Kevin to help him get Ruby.

Club Rules: Roy's railway club likes to keep to a strict timetable. Too bad real trains don't seem to manage it often! ;)

Pants on Fire award: Surely Sally can tell by now when Kevin's lying about having anything to do with helping Tyrone.
Faye told Tim her parents are ok with her being out at night to see him.

Voice of Reason award: Dennis Tanner always tries to see both sides of a situation. Nothing is cut and dried indeed.

Lines of the Week:
Beth "He's the Houdini of rats is our Darryl"
Beth "For your information it's good for people to be round germs. It helps fight off bugs. I've not had a cold in years!"
Julie "If somebody gets pleasure out of my knickers then I'm  happy"
Tyrone to Kirsty "You know I love her" Kirsty "You don't love me. That's the price you pay" (B#tch)
Marcus "I think it was the rat that broke the camel's back"
Kylie "The thing about lodgers is you can kick 'em out"
Audrey "Still drowning your sorrows, Gail? Alcohol won't do it." Gail "Worked for you often enough"
Kirk "Nobody's bothered much with trannies once digital radio came out"
Syliva "I've always had a way with children"
Stella to Norris "The day you speak for me is the day I have myself committed"
Norris "There's no need to blow this out of proportion" (which is what you just did)
Anna "It's nice to have the old Faye back" (that would be the Faye that lied and stole? You got your wish)

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Anonymous said...

Growth spurt...Faye..she's taller than Anna now..for someone who's supposed to be 10 years old, she looks about 17...good little actor though.

Janice. said...

Re Continuity Fairy Award: Tyrone was seen breaking the back door lock. And Kirsty told the police he took off in her car, that would explain why there was a car seat for Ruby.

Tvor said...

Yes there was a car seat for Ruby but where did the one for Hope come from! Thanks for the back door thing, I thought I must have missed that.

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