Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, July 10 - 14

Without any piffle, here are the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 10 July to Friday 14 July 2017

Can Erica tempt Kev to a saucy stay in hotel? Jenny and Johnny wedding’s back on, Craig reports Neil, Liz and Steve sell pub, Liz starts new job at medical centre, Norris wins Mr and Mrs competition, Shona returns, Gary’s mate Joe arrives.

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Linda Shockley said...

Good to see that Jenny & Johnny are back together!

Zagg said...

I sure do not want to see Toyah as the new landlady of the Rovers. She is as dull as dishwater and totally unsuited for that role. What on earth are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

100000% agree Zagg. I was really hoping it would be the other Battesby sister owning the pub. Would rather Leanne than Toyah any day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with comments about Toyah,I could see her working as a barmaid but not landlady of the Rovers,she's too much of a sourpuss.It's the end of an era now that Liz is gone.
I'm also disappointed that Shona is back and furthermore the Grimshaws have taken her in despite David's pain[or is it to spite him?]?
Billy really is bugging me forsaking the Platts' feelings as sooner or later Max and Lily will know how Shona is and then what?
I wonder how will Billy justify taking in the mother of their mother's murderer to Max and Lily?

Anonymous said...

Wanted it to be Steve, Leanne and Liz running the pub. Liz is at her best behind the bar The sale of the pub seems to serve no real purpose. Sure, having an alcoholic behind the bar could be interesting, but not with his current partner.

Zagg said...

I agree about Billy. He is trying to be this uber Good Samaritan but in the process is really screwing over his neighbors with no thought to the children. And the whole Summer thing is just incredulous.

Anonymous said...

How on earth is Liz qualified to even be considered as a Medical Receptionist?? There is special training required for that kind of work, given the medical terminology, billing, etc. She would have been much better off in a clothing boutique or even running a cash till at Fresco's!

Linda Shockley said...

Corrie does that all the time. When it's convenient for a plot line, they'll stick people in to whatever slot works. Underworld gets machinists who have never shown any evidence of looking at a sewing machine, Rover's Return will hire anyone without any evidence of the appropriate experience, etc.

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