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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review, Weds 19 June 7.30pm

If you go down to the woods today be sure of a big surprise... or not, as Gary and Rick do battle again to find out who is Corrie's ultimate alpha-male!

Joking aside, a fresh grave has been dug but is anybody going inside it? As the camera pans across the desolate woods we are left to wonder.

Back on Coronation Street, Sarah is beside herself with worry at Gary's disappearance, and Tyler tells Robert the baby news. At the Bistro, the surprise proposal party is yet to start and with Robert obviously waylaid fighting with Tyler, Michelle's detective skills require little effort. Finding everybody 'hiding' and a 'comedy' celebration cake, it isn't long before she opens a box and a 'happy engagement' balloon pops out.

Roy's had Wayne and Brian run rings round him over Sylvia's mysteriously bequeathed jewellery. Now that Roy's investigation has proved his mother had an affair, can anything further come from Wayne and Brian's sleuthing? At the shop, Brian has somehow got hold of a box belonging to Roy, and the investigation appears to continue.

At the Baileys, Aggie's one noise women crusade against Claudia continues. With Aggie eagerly bashing Ernest's Bishop's piano, Claudia decides to delve into Ken's eclectic vinyl collection in hope of drowning out 'chopsticks'.

Arriving home at the same time, Ken and Ed decide not to disrupt their respective partners and head for a peaceful pint instead.

Before Sarah has had time to tell Bethany anything, Gary suddenly arrives at the Platts and he's on his own. Sarah decides it's time they had a talk.

Heading over to Roy's, Brian and Wayne have met a lady called Alice Parrot, who appears to have a connection to Sylvia's ring and ask to go upstairs to Roy's flat trying not to disturb Ken and Beth's photography class. Can a competition with the Gazette fire up Bethany's interest in the classes?

Back at Roy's flat, Alice tells Roy all about his mothers' affair with her father and Roy discovers a different side to his often cold and conceited mother.

Meanwhile, Michelle heartily accepts Robert's proposal but he struggles to mask his fight wounds.

Over a heart-to-heart, Sarah admits her affair with Adam and Gary takes the news badly. Struggling to accept that it's over, Gary pushes Sarah against a wall. Swiftly leaving, Gary takes Bethany's car and is soon back in the woods.It's dark, and he's got rubber gloves, which surely only leads to one conclusion. Has Gary killed Rick?!

Join me later today for a review of tonight's 8.30pm episode to find out!

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Fluttershy said...

Why oh why would Emily hold on to Ernest's piano all those years just to let Norris leave it behind when he sold the house? How many more of Emily's treasured possessions did Nozza leave behind for Ed to throw in his skip? We demand to know!

Mrs Lynch said...

Iain MacLeod must go!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Fluttershy. This reminds me of Betty leaving the hotpot recipe for Sean - badly shoe-horned back references.

coconno196 said...

Pianos are expensive and Emily's furniture may be too. Surely Norris should have sold it for Emily or for charity? Also, have we had details of Emily's plans? Eileen Derbyshire is clearly not coming back, but the character's story needs to be finished.

coconno196 said...

Leaving aside that it's highly unlikely a few hammer blows would break through an adjoining wall, Aggie's and Claudia's behaviour is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I wonder was another affair\long lost sibling story line really necessary for Roy?It's a story line that's been done to death recently with Johnny and Carla so why again with Roy?
Adding another character was not really necessary.


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