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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review, Weds 19th June 8.30pm

Robert lies to Michelle and tells her he's been jumped. Reluctant to call the police, of course, the celebrations now appear a little lacklustre but he's got the ring anyway and duly proposes. Michelle quickly gets into 'bride-to-be' mode whilst privately, Robert leaves Vicky a panicked voicemail.

Sarah heads over to Adam's flat and admits that she's told Gary the truth. Followed by Bethany, they break the news of their courtship. Bethany isn't pleased with her mothers latest conquest. In the woods, Gary starts disposing of Rick's lifeless body and steals the loan sharks car keys (RIP Rick).

Brian confronts Aggie and Claudia over the loud noise, before heading over to Roy's to dissect the findings of their investigations. A melancholic Roy can't quite believe the secret life his mother led. As talk turns to literary quotations, Wayne shows Roy a present that he gave him as a child. It adds pathos to a wonderfully burgeoning friendship. Is this the last we will see of Wayne?

Over a pint, Ken and Ed become great friends, whilst Claudia and Aggie bury the hatchet - once Ed agrees to fill that hole!

Meanwhile, Beth takes a photograph of Bertie and her skills are slightly improving, unlike her manners (she called Ken a patronising g*t - how rude!). She does, however, tell Ken that she's now entering The Gazette's photography competition.

Meeting Vicky at the Bistro, Robert is reluctant for her to terminate their child and tries hard to dissuade her. Narrowly avoiding Michelle's gaze, Robert appears to have averted a fuming Vicky informing Michelle of the conception.

Returning Bethany's car, it appears Gary has committed murder for the second time... (or the first as Rana's death was accidental).  What do we think of the streets newest murderer?


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Fluttershy said...

Nice to see Gail had FINALLY put the ironing board away so that Gary could slam Sarah up against that bit of wall where it usually stands...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just becoming too pernickety but some things I just find annoying/ mystifying.
It is summer in the real world but the wood Gary was in had leafless trees.
Robert said he had just been mugged but everybody was quite happy for Sinead to go wandering about in the dark with Bertie.
Bethany didn't mind one bit that Gary had just driven off in her car again.
I could go on......

Anonymous said...

I was confused when Gary arrived back in what appeared to be the late Rick Neelan's motor and parked it at the end. It is a blue car. Bethany's car is white with a maroon least, that is the one he drove off in to bury the body, and it WAS Bethany's car he had taken earlier...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

CK said...

And didn't Rick already dig a hole for Gary? Couldn't Gary just roll him in right then and there? He just leaves a body lying out in the open by what appears to be a road because he drove right up in Bethany's clown car. Then all of a sudden it's night time, I guess he was staring into space again. And since when did Bethany have a car? I guess parking on the street is the same as living in it, a Tardis in every corner.

Smiley said...

If you see the classic corrie, you will see that they rent garage at the viaduct.


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