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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 10th June

In this episode of Platt Family Values, Nick decides he's doing an aggressive takeover of the factory, much to Sarah's disgust and the "girls"' approbation, and David goes to work at Trim Up The North under Maria (I hope she gets rid of the stupid motorcycle but she touches Vin Weasel at her own risk). Nick, disgusted that David has handed over the business "lock, stock and beard oil" to Audrey, waits 'til Maria has gone on lunch, then locks David in the shop and it's not to form a barbershop quartet duet. David has to sign in at the cop shop and forces Nick out, but Leanne nicks David's phone to send a text to Natalie: "My life's a total mess, I miss you. I've left Shona." Natalie who lives in a house, a very big house in Stretford, prepares a candle lit meal for David, but it's Leanne who rocks up, closely followed by David and Shona (Dona?) who bribe Tracy le taxi to give him her address. Unforch for them, Leanne has already persuaded naughty Nat to leave the country, driving her to the airport and watching her walk through security.

Meanwhile, Sarah does what she does best, persuades a man to do her bidding and Adam tells Nasty Nick he can't represent him re: the factory takeover and that he's asked Peter to speak to Carla about Sarah officially running Underworld 2.0.

It's Yasmeen's turn to do the mucking out of this ongoing horse storyline. Tim isn't happy because he wants to see Tiny and Geoff is annoyed because he's a control freak. He goes behind Yasmeen's back to tell Sally that she wants out of the syndicate, and, drowning in vet's bills, Sally sells the horse. Tim is upset, reminded of the time his dad got rid of his pooch Mr Biscuits because he cost too much to feed. That is very on-brand for Geoff. So Sally buys back the horse again. What exactly is the point of this shaggy pony story?

Chesney is on the abacus working out how much it's going to cost to raise four babies. The nappies alone are going to bankrupt them. What about re-useable cloth ones, Ches? Gemma has already spent some of the whip-round on super-stretchy leggings. I don't mean to be morbid, but the doctor told them that they might lose one or more of the babies if they don't selectively abort, so is there really a strong chance of Gemma carrying all four to term? I mean, if this were real life and not a soap.

Meanwhile, the Baileys take ownership of number 3. Ken, with his unconscious bias, assumes that the black man moving Norris's belongings into a skip is a builder and not the new owner. Ed winds him up, telling him the new owner has ten kids and practices for a brass band. Looking forward to Ken's face when he realises that he's a racist.

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Mrs Lynch said...

Lovely review as ever Rachel. It's such a shame the show is so poor, poorer than I can remember for a long time.

Gemma is infuriating. Why has no one pulled her up for her coarse manners? The writers seem intent on ignoring the comments to tone the character down but they continue to ignore and you wonder why viewers are switching off in droves. If you treat your audience like idiots you deserve everything you get!

I hope the new family settle in. Other than that, my patience has run thin. I've lost interest in a show I've grown up with and so too have my parents. Iain Macleod has run it down to the ground and ITV are intent on making it hell for whoever replaces him with six weekly episodes. The stories simply aren't there. Macleod deserves to go simply for neglecting decent characters who disappear without a moment's notice.

Anonymous said...

I think the writers and directors make Gemma so gross just to spite the viewers.

coconno196 said...

I was horrified that woolly liberal Ken assumed that the black man must be a labourer! Hard to believe that Bill Roache didn't object to this besmirching of his character.

That said, I did laugh out loud for the first time in years, when Tracy asked the name of the "rough woman" who worked in the barber's, and David said "Gail".

The horse story is ridiculous.

Louby said...

Maybe Ken assumed that he was a builder because of the way he's dressed?

Anonymous said...

Why would they do that? What have they got to gain in "spiting the viewers". I don't understand. Please explain

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Hi Viz jacket, gloves, Bobby hat, kinda gives you the impression he's the builder. It never crossed my mind to think it was in any way a racist comment

Sarah said...

It's boring as hell. I'm close to giving up watching a show I've seen since the very beginning and I would have completely stopped were it not for the amusing and well written blog posts here.

I don't care for the characters like I did before. And they all have a personality transplant the moment they have to do a comedy storyline. All behaving stupid.

The show is in desperate need of a shake up.

Anonymous said...

They don't actually gain anything by spiting the viewers, they just do it because they can and have the smugness to know people will still watch Corrie.

Val said...

Please somebody teach Gemma some manners! She was shovelling Betty's Hot Pot down her gullet like it was her last meal on earth and somebody was about snatch it away from her! Eat with your mouth shut you silly girl, and stop talking while eating! Even my small granddaughters know that's a choking hazzard! It's not funny, endearing, or entertaining! Betty wouldn't put up with it!

Gilles27 said...

Same here. I really didn't think it was racist to assume that someone dressed as a builder was a builder. I think Ken would have made the same assumption if it was a Gary or a Pat Phelan moving in.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch current corrie any more, haven't done for months. And I know plenty of others have switched off too. Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow. Be warned ITV!

CK said...

So Leanne drove Natalie to the airport.. where did she go? Siberia? With no job or place to live? Who knew you could commit a crime and just go to the airport never to be seen again. So dumb. I couldn't agree more about Gemma, it's exhausting to watch her and impossible to listen to her. Finally Geoff is so horrible, kick him to the curb Yasmeen. He hasn't got one redeeming quality.


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