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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 5th June 8.30pm

Chesney recovers from his faint as Gemma struggles to take the news in. As Emma and Paul arrive at the hospital though, the reality of quads soon becomes apparent. The doctor explains to the shocked couple that they face risk of miscarriage or the option of multiple selective terminations.Grim.

Meanwhile, Freda's fuming at Norris and gives him an ultimatum; leave for Edinburgh with her or stay in Weatherfield with Mary.

Reeling from seeing Sarah on a date with Adam, Gary decides to drown his sorrows, but not before telling Bethany about what he saw. Later, Sarah defends her behaviour to her daughter and uses Gary's previous form as an excuse.

At the Rovers, Audrey is ambiguous in her decision to call the police and seeks advice from Ken and Claudia. Ultimately deciding to retract her statement, Audrey may decide to change her mind as Nick offers to commemorate Lewis's death and Audrey sees straight through his fake guilt and faux gesture.

Dev and the kids' departure is smoothed over by Mary who gives Dev some wise words about Asha's teenage tantrums. We don't know how long they're gone for but Mary promises to keep an eye on Evelyn. With Dev swiftly out of the scene, Evelyn has her feet firmly under the (shop) table.

Still reeling from their news, it seems Chesney and Gemma have some serious decisions to make. The 10-week gestation period appears paramount to a decision with the selective termination; a stage which Gemma is now at. Confiding in Paul, Chesney seems to be struggling. Paul's penguin analogy is rather sweet and though it confuses Chesney initially, it certainly drives the point home. Seeking equal solace in Emma, Gemma's heartache is palpable yet she seems as equally reluctant to have any selective terminations.

Meeting with Mary, Norris informs her that he's accepting an offer on N0.3 and marrying Freda -decision made. Mary hides her sorrow from Norris and decides to arrange him a leaving party.

At The Rovers, the war of the Platts shows no side of subsiding, and Sarah admits to Gary that she doesn't (as yet) see a way forward for the former couple. Speaking of which, Gemma and Chesney come to a mutual decision. Regardless of the risks, they decide to try and keep the quads all together. What do you think?. Let us know your thoughts!.

I shall be back same time next week for another Corrie blog episode review.


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Anonymous said...

Why on earth was Emma there?

Anonymous said...

To remind people the show does have decent actors!?

coconno196 said...

She is supposed to be Gemma's "best mate", i. e. someone else of a similar age who is drafted in when a friend is required. Like Beth becoming Tracy's best mate years ago, when their only history was being at each others' throats when Steve made them share a house. Similarly Eileen suddenly became Liz's best mate after Deirdre died.

Anonymous said...

The more we see of Emma the better.I think Gemma and Chesney get FAR too much air time, now we are going to have to put up with the trials and tribulations of this awful pregnancy for goodness knows how long. I am nearly losing the will to live here!


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