Saturday, 29 June 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 28 June 2019

One thing and another has prevented my regular appearance but I should now be back for a few weeks.  This week I sensed the writers were queuing up the absurdities, starting off with Mrs Longsden-Smith's sad demise in a freak accident at a local crown green bowls tournament - as Mary told Tracy when seeking help.  Mary is sadly hiding a superb ferris wheel in the florist's window!

If I was Gary and had dealt the freak accident which no doubt ended the life of Rick Neelan I am not sure I would be wandering around the deceased's office with no gloves on or taking money from a debtor's father, or leaving money in the safe - after all if Rick has done a runner abroad then he would have emptied the safe to fund his travels.  Not sure Gary has thought this one through.  Oh hang on I spotted the mistake there - we are talking about Gary (although I seriously wish I wasn't).

Come Wednesday we had several outbreaks of "Too Much Information" with Robert complaining he is not the Duracell bunny (although apparently he was rabbit like last night and again this morning) and then Tracy reminds Steve of what happened after they "flossed" the other night - Amy worked out what that was all about!

Gail has asked Sarah why she is attracted to Adam Barlow (a coming together I suggested many moons ago as uniting two of the big families of the Street and I hope it has some longevity!) - they have been doing a lot of flossing as well - and she admits she does find him more attractive - I just wish they would do something about his greasy hair!

Roy has a paean of praise for England's most scenic main line between Carlisle and Settle - the journey went without a hitch and the Ribblehead Viaduct is quite something at any time of year - when he is cut short by Evelyn who wants serving!  Less absurdity - more classic Roy please - what else about the Settle and Carlisle line?

Maria working in "Trim Up North" is going along just fine.  She has usurped the "vibe" by putting on her playlist "Now, That's what I call Tragic, Volume Maria" as David calls it (Ryan says he likes some cheese) and then she comes back with the well crafted line "You nipped out before for a butty and you've came back with a cob on ya!"

Which all entertained me this week.

Writers: Cameron McAllister & Ellen Taylor (Monday); John Kerr & Mark Burt (Wednesday); Ian Kershaw & Simon Crowther (Friday)
Directors: Adrian Bean (Monday); Tim Royle (Wednesday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

As well as the constant references to sex there are far too many 'let's go and get bladdered' ( or similar terms) lines from characters that are old enough to know better. I know I might sound like Mary Whitehouse but come on writers, grow up a bit.

David Hughes said...

Welcome back - I missed you!

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