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Sunday, 30 June 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 26th October 1992

Derek started work at the school under Harry Potts - Councillor Harry Potts, as he insisted on being called.  Harry was annoyed that Derek got the job over his nephew and stamped his foot all over him.  Derek then got mucked about by the kids, so not a great first day all round.  Also having their first day at work was Doug Murray, Kevin's new assistant mechanic, better known as that bloke with the sideburns out of the Flying Pickets.  Doug immediately tried it on with Deirdre in the pub.  Raquel persuaded Phyllis to look after Tommy so Lisa could be liberated from number 9 for a night out.  Vera went ballistic, assuming Lisa was snogging Des, and was only partly mollified by seeing her in the pub with her pals.  Don played cards with his mates and came back to a drunken Ivy; he was disgusted with her.  Elsewhere, Carmel fled the nurse's home when she saw a man loitering and slept on the Platts' sofa, Kimberley painted a depressing future of her and Curly making rugs together by the firelight, and Ken took Maggie to the pictures.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 30th October 1992

It was disco time at Weatherfield High and Tracy slipped into a snug plum number for the big night.  Deirdre was taken aback at how grown up she was.  She probably wasn't banking on her teenage daughter spending the night leering at a 20 year old DJ, though that ended badly when he danced with her mate Debbie instead of her.  Ken went out for a meal with Maggie and suggested they nip into his local for a pint; when she realised it was the Rovers she ran a mile.  Don tried to persuade a hungover Ivy to join Alcoholics Anonymous, but she denied again that she had a problem with drink: she just needed him.  Don agreed to stay at number 9 permanently but just as a lodger.  He refused to let her cook or clean for him.  Lisa threatened to move back to Blackpool so Vera ended her sulk and agreed that she should have a life outside their home.  They went to the pub together but when Des arrived and offered to buy them a drink Vera spirited her home again.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 2nd and 4th November 1992

Gail had a great idea.  With Carmel scared to live at the nurse's home, Gail suggested she move in with the Platts, acting as a babysitter to help pay her way.  This was a brilliant plan with absolutely no downsides.  Martin invited Raquel's footballer boyfriend Wayne round to show off his football skills to Nicky and Mark.  There was a bit of a kickabout, and when Martin went in for a tackle, he knocked County's number one striker to the ground and tore his ligament.  Betty asked Jim how Andy was getting on at uni, and he proudly said his boy was having the time of his life.  Naturally this meant by the end of the episode Andy was on the doorstep telling the family he'd dropped out.  He wanted to be with Paula but unfortunately she didn't especially want to be with him.  At Harry's urging, Derek chucked away a load of papers in Ken's classroom, even though he was sure they were important.  Of course they were, and Derek realised he'd been set up to fail.   Fortunately Ken was distracted by a snog with Maggie, where just his presence at the dinner table embarrassed poor Mark.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 9th November 1992

Doug began making an impression on the Street, apart from flirting with anything that moves, as he revealed an interest in photography to Mavis and Rita.  Jack thought it was a cover story for liking mucky pictures.  He also came to the aid of Phyllis when she stumbled and drove her home which put him in Deirdre's good books.  Des and Lisa got closer at the Platts' firework party, so she decided to keep her distance.  Mike caught Angie and Steve making some t-shirts for her mate's band after hours and demanded all the profits.  It left her wondering what was going on with her life.  Jim and Andy rowed over his decision to drop out.  They finally made up after Andy spoke to Paula and he decided to return to Sheffield. 

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 11th and 13th November 1992

Reg took over the captaincy of the Rovers' quiz team so that he could get close to Bet.  She was naturally terrified.  She wasn't even keen on having a pub quiz, but the brewery had insisted, and she suspected they were planning on getting rid of her.  Curly decided to fit a loft conversion into number 7, getting Neil the good looking builder to help out when he wasn't fitting out the hairdressing salon, which thrilled Kimberley because she thought he was making room for a nursery.  She was less thrilled when she discovered it was to accommodate his telescope.  On the plus side Neil got a date off Angie.  Some random bloke turned up at the garage looking for "Dave".  Doug promptly vanished from work - and stood up Deirdre - and when Kevin went looking for him, the woman who answered the door denied knowing him.  Derek fought back against petty tyrant Harry Potts, using his own rules against him, and starting to relish the fight.

Those episodes were a bit of a slog, weren't they?  Thank goodness for Angie Freeman standing on the sidelines sniggering at Kimberley.  If you want to join me in the Angie Fan Club get in touch on Twitter @merseytart.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 every weekday from 14:50, with a repeat the following morning from 6am.

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Louby said...

Definitely a slog, yes! I had to mute my TV every time that awful Harry came on. At least with this being Corrie world we can rest assured he will get his comeuppance.

Flash Gordon said...

I don't remember Andy being the selfish, nasty tw@t that he seems to be this time round. Good self control from Jim in not landing him one upside the head.

And sorry, but I cannot stand Angie Freeman, she is getting on my last nerve with her stupid outfits and awful grinning face. Such a nasty, snidey person.

Mark said...

I adored Angie back in the day and I continue to adore her in the present! What a girl!


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