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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Kym Marsh Interview: Michelle's new fella

Can you firstly sum up how Robert and Michelle get back together, as it seems like a bumpy road, given how he encourages her to have a date with Michael…
She starts getting a bit of interest from Michael, Michelle doesn’t see it but the viewers will see Robert getting a bit jealous, however he encourages her to go on the date. She’s not really looking for anything but she does quite like Michael so she thinks why not. She’s a bit confused by Robert who doesn’t seem very bothered. But the date doesn’t go as planned, she does agree to a second date but before she goes on the date she goes into the bistro and overhears a conversation between Robert and Daniel where Robert admits his jealousy over the whole thing and that he got everything wrong, his need to be with Michelle was always much stronger than his need for a baby and that he’s over that fixation now. It’s what Michelle wanted to hear, if he’s over that and he still loves her then she still loves him and she wants to try and make it work.

How does she go about getting him back?
She asks Daniel to help her and she gets Robert to the bistro having cancelled all the bookings and covered it in candles. Daniel says there’s something wrong in the kitchen and Robert rushes over and bursts in expecting to find something going on and there’s Michelle sat there with champagne and candles.

Does Michelle make the first move?     
Yes she opens herself up to him, she basically says I heard what you said to Daniel and do you want to give it another go and he does.

How does she feel about their reunion? Does she think this is it, she has got her happy ever after? 
Yes I think she does, Robert’s very keen for her to move straight back into the flat, so it very much is that they're happy and this is it for Michelle and Robert, happy ever after.

And do they manage to resolve the situation regarding the fact that he wants a baby and she doesn’t?
Michelle admits she overheard what he was talking about to Daniel and she believes he’s moved in from that.

Viewers have already seen Robert behave a bit suspiciously – eg he cancelled a lunch with Michelle a few weeks ago to go to the “wine supplier”, but then rocked up at a hotel. Following their reunion, does Michelle notice anything suspicious about his behaviour?
No not in the first instance, in her head there’s nothing suspicious going on. He’s going to help with the young offenders a lot and he’s out at a wine tasting but that’s all feasible to Michelle. Robert isn’t that guy in her head.

Michelle’s a very honest person isn’t she?
Michelle’s a very honest person, she’s not done many things in her life that are dishonest, unless it’s to protect her family, which is maybe why it’s not on her radar?   

We don’t yet know the reason behind Robert’s lies. But if Michelle were to find out that there was another woman in the picture, is that something that she could ever forgive? 
No absolutely not, she would never forgive Robert for that in a million years, she’s been there with Steve and she wouldn’t put up with it again, Robert would be a goner. 

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Anonymous said...

Michelle's another character that's been neglected this year thanks to the Gemma show.

When she leaves there will be no impact.

Get rid of Iain Macleod and his pathetic vision of Gemma being the chosen one.

Louby said...

Having less of Michelle on screen has been much better imo, but not so much Gemma taking over.

It looks like she's going to be featured a lot more from now on anyway, until her departure.

Smiley said...

Honest person? she stole money from the Bistro for insurance scam; and she covered up that her son is a killer... Honest my foot!

coconno196 said...

Yet another age-inappropriate pairing. The actor playing Michael is 26 and Michelle is in her early 40s. He is younger than her sons.

Mrs Lynch said...

@Smiley - ah yes, but she did that for "love".

Bland, beige character. Can't wait for her to leave. Kym Marsh is better suited to musical theatre.


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