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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 05 June 7.30pm

Still looking for her smartphone, Roy rummages through Carla's mobile phone stash, in hope of finding Sarah's. Gary hangs around in the background looking a bit suspicious.

Struggling without her handset, Sarah takes out her frustration on Adam who sees this as a signal to ask her out on a date. Cementing his charm back onto the cobbles, Adam is soon smoothing David over a game of table football and is obviously trying to get into Sarah's good books.

As David and Nick continue to fight, Gail and Audrey make amends. It seems Gail has done some digging on Lewis. It turns out the old cad WAS going to propose to Audrey on the night he died. It's almost serendipitous, considering how her grandsons have disgraced her.

Dev announces that he'd like to take the kids to India, much to Asha's dismay. With Dev still looking for someone to manage the shop, Evelyn arrives just in time to spot a  shoplifter, who quickly scurries. As Dev finds his new shopkeeper, Chesney faces trouble at the kebab shop as Gemma's morning sickness becomes increasingly severe. Taking a turn for the worst, she proceeds to faint at the smell of Dev's garlic mayo and Chesney rushes her to hospital.

As a scan is undertaken, Gemma suddenly remembers that she comes from a long line of twins (I think we know where this is going).

At The Rovers, Norris tells Rita that the offers for No. 3 are coming in thick and fast but he's yet to make it up with Freda.

Dressed in black and still mourning Brendan, a maudlin Mary has also yet to forgive Norris for destroying the love letters. Rita manages to bring the duo back together, and just like any other married couple,they bicker intermittently, until Mary finally realises that Brendan was actually a bit of a g*t.

Making amends with Mary, Norris again wavers about leaving the street and grasps at Mary's hand, just as Freda walks in. Awkward! Meanwhile, Sarah and Adam are flirting over a hotpot, before being interrupted by Gary. Double awkward!

Back at the hospital, Gemma's scan reveals... twins? No, triplets? No, oh hold on, I've read about this - its quads! Chesney proceeds to faint - that's double fainting!

It's also a double for me tonight so I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode.

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Anonymous said...

Shocking episode. It's just getting worse.

What is Iain Macleod's obsession with Gemma and Chesney? They're dreadful characters played by very average actors.

Get rid of Iain and Gemma and Chesney.

JennyMac said...

Totally agree, the Chesney Gemma pairing is just terrible. I cringe every time I see her on screen. Is the girl incapable of speaking without yelling aand screeching? One of the worst characters they have ever had on Corrie. So wish she would GO !

Gilles27 said...

I love Gemma!

Gilles27 said...

Especially loved it when it looked like they were having twins and Gemma said "We can have one each"!

Barb Dwyer said...

I detest Gemma, worst character ever by a country mile. Not at all funny.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand either Chesney or Gemma and am so not looking forward to this ridiculous storyline. Who comes up with these ideas?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Gemma and Chesney might each have their place on the show in minor interactions to adde depth to the background of the street, but they are one note as actors and characters--and become tedious very quickly even when paired with more interesting people (Jenny, Rita, Emma)... So when you put them together the tedium and awfulness of their characters becomes fully evident and borders on torture!

And can anyone explain why someone would ever think it humorous to give Gemma quads? I flinched every time last night she made a complaint about how she got pregnant, not to mention the two abortions she referenced so casually in the past. That kind of irresponsibility isn't even considered acceptable now for a cat and kittens, let alone a human and children! So why any writer would think this situation was comedy gold and milk it for "funny" lines is quite beyond my understanding. And I'm not saying it to be cruel to the actors or the producers--I truly don't see how this situation could be experienced as funny.

Anonymous said...

Anon @17.58 very well said! I could not agree more. Nothing at all against the actress, but I wouldn't give the character Gemma a pigeon to look after let alone 4 helpless infants. But if she has the children, she'll just do like every other parent on the street does, leave the kids with a relative and continue drinking in the pub. Then after a while we won't see the babies at all, just like we rarely see Oliver, Harry, Bertie Max, Lilly, Liam, Joseph and Jack.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I really think Gemma would have been better paired with the posh bloke - opposites attract and all that - and she might have toned down. She's not a breath of fresh air, she's a flaming gale. The nonsense last night about toenail clippings and Chesney fainting might have been funny thirty years ago. Just shows you, some humour is worth keeping in the past. To be brutal, Chesney should have gone a long time ago. Sadly, the actor who was a cutie when he was a kid has not aged well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe JUST wait for the storyline to play out? Maybe some of the quads will die? Maybe all of them will live and Gemma realise that she could not cope and adopt them out? Just be patient and don't complain damn too much about the storyline when it only just started.

As for the acting and stuff like that - I guess to each to their own.

MartesBC said...

JarJar Binks


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