Friday, 28 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 28 June

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Tonight’s hour-long episode is mainly taking up with Gary and Geoff in a two-horse-race to see who can win the title of most unbearably vile and charmless man on the street.

Grim Gary is out of the gates very quickly. He makes a very strong start by being needlessly mean to Sarah in the café but falls back slightly when he agrees to give one of Ricks former customers an interest free loan without taking his passport as collateral.

Coming up on the outside to take the lead is Ghastly Geoff who is trying to keep Yasmeen inside No. 6 by telling her there are dangers everywhere and it’s not safe to go anywhere without him by her side. He almost stumbles when his suggestion of a jigsaw and board game marathon have her making a break for the door, but he’s quickly back in the race with a devious bit of guilt-tripping. He looks unbeatable.

But wait, Grim Gary has had a surge. Unperturbed by Rick’s teenage daughter coming to his office to look for the dad that he murdered, he meets up with another of Rick’s clients who he agrees to loan £600. But this time he demands £200 interest and confiscates his passport. 

As the two round the next bend there’s some commotion in the crowd. It looks like a night in with Gail and Audrey has convinced Maria that her life is sad and boring. David and Shona are getting married in six week’s time (providing he’s not in prison) and Steve has had a brilliant(!) idea to dress Tiny as a unicorn and hire him out for children's parties.

But back to the race, Ghastly Geoff discovers Yasmeen out of the house and in good spirits after hearing her mugger has been arrested. At Craig’s self-defence class he tries to show off by claiming he’s a former boxer, but PC Tinker quickly puts him in an arm hold, humiliating him in front of the class. Could he be about to pull up at the final fence?

With Grim Gary moving into Rick’s old office and letting his former clients know he’s open for business it looks like the two are neck and neck.

We’re into the final furlong when Alya brings Ryan and his two DJ mates back to the house. Yasmeen happily shares a drink and a laugh with them, until Ghastly Geoff orders her back to bed. With Alya fast asleep a gloved hand (clearly belonging to Geoff) raids her jewellery and overturns the Nazir family photographs.

And yes, yes he’s won it by a nose. Despite a good challenge from Grim Gary, Ghastly Geoff is the most unbearably vile and charmless man on the street. I hope we all enjoyed the race. And remember gamble responsibly.

I’ve been Kelly and I’ll be back here in two-weeks time. If you get lonely catch me on twitter @mskelstar


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popcorn said...

Great review, Kelly!

Louby said...

I decided at 7.30 on Friday that I couldn't be bothered watching, so thanks for the update, and I love how you wrote it. My money would definitely be on Geoff. I might have to watch the repeat though, just to see him get owned by Craig!

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