Thursday, 27 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 26 June 7.30pm

Robert and Michelle may be back together but the wedding date is yet to be set. Hiding their plan from Jenny, it looks like the 'secret' nuptial plan is actually progressing, but Robert is still hiding his secret from his bride-to-be.

It's Steve's birthday and Amy has bought him a personal grooming kit but where is Tracy's gift?
Convinced that his friends are planning a party by being preoccupied, it appears Tracy hasn't actually bought him a present or card after all.

Yasmeen's hungover and Geoff plays the doting boyfriend, hiding his disdain from the previous night and the fact she missed his dinner party. At Speed Daal, Ryan's 'bangin' tunes' are playing havoc with Yasmeen's hangover. As Ryan winds him up, Geoff secretly pours water over Ryan's DJ decks.

Gemma's idea to sell their quads story to the press is one she's keeping hidden from Chesney. Arranging a chat the magazine, the journo isn't actually interested until the babies are born. Caught in the act, Gemma tells Chesney the truth.

Following harsh words with Adam, Gary is still struggling to accept Sarah's new relationship status, and Craig investigating Rick's disappearance is also giving him cause for concern. Later on at the Rovers, Adam spots Sarah's bruises and she lies to him about how they were caused. As Gary rages at Jenny for being short-changed over a drink, Adam soon realises Gary did actually assault Sarah. It appears Adam is now about to add fuel to Gary's already raging fire.

Back at Speed Daal, Yasmeen takes the blame for the ruined decks, failing to notice that she is being watched by a suspicious looking customer.  As she takes the days takings to be banked, Yasmeen is followed by the hoody who then enacts a vicious mugging. Spotted by Tracy in her van, can she come to Yasmeen's aid in time?

At the Bistro, a suspicious Ryan overhears Robert on the telephone and collars him in the kitchen, just as Michelle arrives. Is it time for Robert to finally tell the truth?.

Found out with my review of the 8.30 pm episode which will be published a bit later on!

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