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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 12th June 8.30pm

Rejected by Ed for a job at the builder's yard and down on his luck, Gary heads over to the Platt's for his 'date' with Sarah.  As he unlocks the door, Gary narrowly avoids his ex engaged in a romantic tryst with Adam Barlow!. Unlucky Gary, unlucky.

Sneaking Adam out of the back door, Sarah offers to take Gary to The Rovers, subtly playing it cool when Adam later arrives for a pint. Later on, Sarah again rebuffs her ex and fails to tell him about her new romance with Barlow.

Confronting James, an irate Aggie and Ed chastise their son for jeopardising his football career with the taxi accident. Michael's charm soon cools the family drama down.

In the pub, Ken is mortified when he realises that Ed is actually part of the new family, and asks Tracy not to annoy the new neighbours further. Too little too late though as Ed and Aggie make their Rovers debut, and Steve is collared by Aggie for threatening James with a baseball bat.

Checking out the barbers CCTV, Shona and David spot the footage of Leanne stealing the phone.

Meanwhile, it looks like Tim has come a cropper!. Assumingly inspired by Yasmeen, Sally has some new riding gear to try out. Saucy!. 

Talking of which, Michelle enters the Bistro looking stunning (!) ready for her date with Michael. With Robert still playing it cool, the former couple act like grown-ups as Michelle (and us viewers) get to know Michael.

At The Rovers, Sean gives the Baileys the lowdown on the cobbles residents before Tracy invites them to join their table. Evelyn is also quick to make her presence known and bickers with Tracy and newbie Aggie.

Meanwhile, t-shirt impresario Michael invites Michelle over to 'his place'... which is obviously his parent's old house. Finding a huge bra, Michelle quickly realises the situation, and it isn't long before the police are at the door- the house is supposed to be empty!. The cops call Aggie to let her know what happened and they quickly head over to their old (very posh, very large) house.

Confronted by his parents, it seems Aggie and Ed are a pretty chilled out jovial pairing, and it looks like the Bailey family are going to be a lot of fun on Coronation Street.

What did you think of it all?.

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I shall be back for next week!.


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Louby said...

I enjoyed these episodes more than I have done for a while. A great start for the Baileys, they already seem to work well together as a family.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would a debonair bloke like Adam go along with hiding from Gary?!
Sarah who's a teenager in a woman's body is no prize to be won!

Anonymous said...

Good point Anon 20:48! Is Adam that hard up to take on Sarah, a single mother with 2 kids and all the Platt family? I really don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):And yet, Anon 22:38, Sarah has such an endearing simper and a saucy sparkle in her eye! Who could resist? Found all of Sarah's shenanigans with Gary and Adam a bit tacky. She was being so furtive you would have thought Gary her husband and that she was paying her way with Adam by offering him a bit on the side.And Bethany giving Gary Sarah's keys so he could drop in on her unexpectedly while the house is empty. Yucky and presumptuous. Not to mention a personality transplant from Bethany who is usually a sensible girl and not Gary's biggest fan!

Jan said...

Yes it's nice to have new characters that come into Corrie that don't start off as trouble makers before turning into more normal characters.

Tasha said...

Agreed, Jan.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): They are only "normal" because they have not yet lived on Coronation Street! Give them a chance and like all the other well-educated, or sane or gainfully employed characters who were unfortunate enough to move to Coronation Street they will soon be barking. And getting a few shifts at the Rovers, Bistro, or Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Did Sally really spend all that money on riding gear just to chase Tim around before sex? Why have the writers become so sex mad recently? did it happen after MacLeod arrived?


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