Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 26 June


ADAM FINDS OUT MORE ABOUT GARY News reaches that Rick’s car has been found on a street and police are checking CCTV. Meanwhile Adam quizzes Sarah about how she really got the bruise on her arm the other week. Will Sarah admit what Gary did?
YASMEEN’S TAKINGS ARE TAKEN Yasmeen is apologetic with Geoff over her hangover but he makes her feel worse by saying she had promised to go on a walk with him. At Speed Daal Geoff pours water on Ryan’s mixing desk and lets Yasmeen think she did it. As Yasmeen leave with the takings she is dragged screaming into an alleyway.
SAVVY RYAN SMELLS A RAT Robert assures Michelle that a secret wedding is the ultimate show of romance. Ryan calls in the bistro and clocks Robert making a furtive phone call. When Ryan quizzes Robert suggesting he’s hiding something, Michelle wants to know what’s going on.
STEVE GETS BIRTHDAY SURPRISE Amy gives Steve a grooming kit for his birthday. When Tracy fails to give him a present and hurries off to work, Steve reckons she must be planning him a surprise and reckons when Tim says he can’t join him for a drink he is in on the surprise. What has Tracy got planned?
ELSEWHERE Gemma secretly calls ‘Hiya!’ magazine and arranges to meet up with a reporter.


SARAH CUTS MEMORIES OF GARY FROM HER LIFE Despite Sarah’s pleas for calm, Adam is convinced Gary assaulted her. Sarah is furious and says she can fight her own battles. Is this the end for Sarah and Adam?
GEOFF PERSUADES YASMEEN TO SEE THINGS HIS WAY Tracy rushes to Yasmeen’s aid and helps her back to No.6. Yasmeen’s clearly shaken. Geoff returns home and is horrified to discover that Yasmeen’s been mugged. Confirming that she’s called the police, Tracy leaves them to it. Yasmeen wants to return to work but determined to play protector Geoff is annoyed. As Yasmeen heads home from work, she’s unnerved to realise there’s someone following her and tells Geoff she wishes she’d listened to him and allowed him to escort her home. 
MICHELLE TELLS ROBERT HE NEEDS TO BE A BETTER LIAR Michelle wrongly assumes that Robert was on the phone making secret wedding plans and leaps to his defence and insists Ryan should apologise.
ELSEWHERE Gemma apologises to Chesney for trying to sell their story to the press and promises she’ll never try and pull a stunt like that again. As a morose Steve moans about his lot in life to Tim, Michael reckons they’re overlooking a golden business opportunity and that if they buy a carriage and hook it up to Tiny, they could make a fortune doing tours. Steve returns home and is touched to find Tracy has prepared him a special birthday tea. When he opens his unicorn birthday card, it gives him an idea.
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