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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Corrie weekly update – Quad Squad and Farewell Norris

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Gemma’s not well, she’s got terrible morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness as her pregnancy begins. When she faints in the kebab shop, Chesney takes her to the hospital where she’s given an ultrasound and some shock news. She’s expecting four babies –it’s quads! Now it’s Chesney’s turn to faint.

This was the week when Corrie stalwart Norris Cole left the street. The actor Malcolm Hebden who plays Norris has been unwell and was away from the show for some months. He returned earlier this year but we always knew his return was temporary and this week Norris left the cobbles in the back of a taxi with Freda at his side. He’s sold No. 3 and we’ll see the new Bailey family arrive next week. Mary gave him a send-off, singing Cliff Richard’s ‘Miss You Nights’ as the cab drove Norris away.

Gary Windass is proving to be the villain of the hour after we found out last week that he was the one who ruined the roof at Underworld. Carla’s been taken to Carlisle to get the psychiatric help she needs and both Peter and Simon go with her. As Gary has deleted his confession about the roof from Sarah’s phone, Nick’s still suspect number one. But I’m confused about this whole business of Nick nicking his gran’s cash and David’s now sold the barber shop to Audrey, who’s put Maria in charge. David and Nick are up in court the episode after Audrey says she’s going to retract her statement saying that her grandsons stole her cash. As I said, I’m confused. And don’t even get me started on Gary, the passports and Rick. Does anyone have a flowchart they can send?

Dev goes off to India and takes the kids with him. Actor Jimmi Harkishin who plays Dev is taking a three month break from the show, and while Dev’s away he leaves Evelyn in charge at the shop. Now… this could be fun.

Finally this week, Sally’s not best pleased when both Jenny and Sinead drop out of the horse syndicate. On the plus side, Tim’s bonded with the old nag.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Gemma needs to leave.

She's ruining the show.

Iain Macleod can follow her.

Sue said...

How I agree. I liked this week apart from the Gemma nonsense. I had my finger on the mute button everytime she appeared. Why doesn't the director tell the actress to speak more normally?, she just shouts most of her lines it's just too much hard work to listen to her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The only thing that cheered me in this blog was Tim bonding with Tiny. I really love the idea of Tim and the old nag (Bad joke alert! He's married to one, a character will say.) Brings back fond memories of Jack and his pigeons.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Between Gemma's frantic shrieking and Chesney's melancholy drone I didn't know which way to look. I guess (?????!!!) the producers are going for an ordinary, everyday comic couple in the style of Claire and Ashley Peacock (another couple that was sometimes tedious in the mundanity of their lives) but there is just no comparison. At least Claire and Ashley could voice their lines, and the woman who played Claire was a great actress. These two together are just painful--it's like one of those amateur theatrical productions where you have one or two characters who are just terrible compared to everyone else.As long as they're mixed in with the rest of the cast, it's bearable but anytime they act together it's just so bad you want to hide your face in your hands you feel so embarrassed for them.

Rapunzel said...

I too feel a wave of despair at the increasing amount of screen time that Chesney & Gemma are getting. I never liked Gemma back when she was a nasty piece of work and haven’t warmed to her estate-girl-comes-good transformation. Chesney suffered the cruel fate of many child actors, by losing his screen appeal at puberty; he should have been quietly encouraged to retire a few years ago.

Neither actor has shown the range required to pull off the script investment in their characters. I wonder whether Iain McLeod realises this yet and will shortly cut his losses - or will he stubbornly persist with his silly gamble, losing loyal viewers in the process?

Boris the spider said...

My God, reading these comments I am so happy to have stopped watching during the caravan farce. I will not return until Gemma is written out...even if it means I never do.

Mrs Lynch said...

Gemma, no redeeming qualities. Why should we like her?

Please get rid of her and Chesney. Two characters who offer nothing to the show if they continue to be front and centre.

And the producer Iain Macleod is no better. Get rid!!

Freysimo said...

Totally agree with comments about Gemma and Chesney. Why on earth they are centre stage I've no idea. Totally embarrassing to watch. There must be lots of young talented actors out there, use them!

Anonymous said...

I liked Chesney when he was a hardworking single dad (without Gemma) trying to juggle his job and childcare.. Gemma was good when she was with Rita who would talk some sense into her. Chesney and Gemma together - not believable. The quad story is awful.


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