Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Yasmeen gets mugged

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Yasmeen goes to a wine tasting with Cathy. As they knock back glass after glass, Yasmeen fails to spot a series of texts from Geoff asking where she is. When she arrives home late she fails not notice how annoyed Geoff is but it’s clear he’s very annoyed.

Later at Speed Daal Geoff pours water on Ryan’s mixing desk and lets Yasmeen think she did it. The cad! As Yasmeen leave with the takings she is dragged screaming into an alleyway.

Tracy rushes to Yasmeen’s aid and helps her back to No.6 but Yasmeen’s clearly shaken.   
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coconno196 said...

Last I heard, Yazmeen was a devout Muslim and doesn't drink alcohol! That is why Speed Dahl doesn't have liquor licence.

Louby said...

He really is becoming a nasty piece of work, Geoff. I haven't read anything but surely it's leading somewhere, like a proper storyline on the subject of manipulative and abusive relationships in this context.

I also thought Yasmeen was teetotal due to religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Yes the whole family was extremely orthodox until Alya had sex with Jason, then everything went to hell. She became the new Maria. Her grandfather was a cheater, her sister-in-law a lesbian and her grandmother a drinker with low enough self-esteem to date/hook-up/sort of live with a douche like Geoff.

MartesBC said...

i bet Geoff had arranged to have the money stolen. Too bad. This character was a cool older dude when he first came on the show...and fun. Now? icky.

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