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Monday, 24 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 June 2019

Hi.  Having been away in Cambridge and "Norfolk'n'good" for a few days so this week's Coronation Streets were more or less consumed at one sitting so this may be a little compressed!

The big news is not that Gemma is having quads nor that Vicky's up the duff as her delightful son put it but that Gary Windass has become a bad boy and has two notches on his bedpost (not to mention Izzy, Nicola and Sarah Louise) having dealt death to Rana and finally ensuring that Rick Neelan got his just desserts for having kidnapped Rita - an unforgivable sin in the eyes of many of us.  Gary's greatest concerns are not his conscience, his son or indeed his relationship with Sarah as she moves on - but a necklace which he was wearing before and he does not now know if it is in the ground with Rick, in Rick's abandoned van or in Bethany's car (and who knew that Bethany either had a car or could afford to run a car?).  He fails to find the necklace which along with the DNA that will be all over Rick (plus the dog walkers who catch him trying to dig up the grave in the woods) should be enough to get a conviction if the police even knew anyone was dead.

There were some strange sightings tonight - children everywhere.  Apparently all sorts of jotters and notepads had been stuffed into the toilets and were blocking the drains and had been for months so Bessie Street was closed.  Whilst the children were blamed investigation of the papers later proved that the recent deputy head, Phil Gillespie, had exacted revenge for his dismissal for maltreatment of Brian Packham who enjoyed a certain Schadenfreude from this knowledge.  So everyone is looking for childcare.  Shona gets Jakey dumped on her - he gets the job of cleaning the cutlery and Ruby is running Dev's (he has gone away and Evelyn was out the back).  Gail has Lily to mind.

Jack gets the best deal as Michael Bailey (27), decides he is brother (19) James's agent and sells Steve a behind the scenes, access all areas back of the pitch at Weatherfield County with Tim, Steve, Kev and Jack spending the afternoon on these pursuits (do none of these people have jobs?).  James takes the money off of Michael and returns it to Steve.

Roy is working on a new menu (including smoothies) but decides this is not enough to sort his mind out and after some thought the Woody comes out of hiding and with Sylvia safely strapped into the front passenger seat (obviously in her urn) Roy sets off for Grange-over-Sands to scatter her (Evelyn reminds him to be sure to stand upwind, a sentiment I can endorse as I am sure there are bits of my father-in-law still in my car years after he was scattered when there was no wind blowing) and he will then head off to see Carla as he feels it is important to ensure his friendship is re-inforced. 

Michelle books the vicar for a meeting at lunchtime; initially Robert reckons it is inconvenient but when Tyler rings to say that Vicky is having a miscarriage Robert tells Michelle that he has to take Chloe (topknot, did a shift in the Bistro recently) to an interview Michelle knows better than to interfere.  Billy is worried about Chloe because the poor girl is back "inside" and got her sentence increased because she was hardly respectful to the judiciary.  Turns out Robert spends most of the day in the hospital and a scan proves that at 7 weeks or so Vicky has not lost the baby.  Robert covers his tracks with an afternoon spent at the travel agent (do they still exist) booking a honeymoon - which he had intended as a huge surprise to Michelle! 

And finally (as they say) Sinead and Daniel attend a scan checkup on Sinead and will wait four weeks for the result.  I am surprised that it takes 4 weeks for a cancer scan to be interpreted - I thought the secret to beating cancers was speed?  Meanwhile Beth's shot of "Where's Mummy" baby Bertie is the winner in the newspaper competition as well as upsetting Sinead who think's the photo's title is a premonition of her not being there for Bertie and she rushes off.  She later explains to Beth who then sets up a photoshoot (using her phone) of Sinead and Bertie - photos that I sense will be essential for the remaining members of the family in the future.

Writers: Alasdair Morrison and Jan McVerry.  Director: Adrian Bean

See you all in a couple of weeks.


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