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Friday, 14 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 14 June

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night Corrie review.

We open with Adam and Sarah having spent a night of passion together. Luckily the slightly dishevelled Ms Platt only has to do a walk of shame over the street rather than having to sit on a bus reeking of WKD and trying to remember if she really did do a slut-drop at 3am in a dodgy nightclub. So it could’ve been a lot worse.

Later, having changed her knickers and wiped off the previous nights mascara, Sarah calls round to the saucy solicitor’s office for a bit of afternoon delight. Unfortunately, with barely an undone button they get onto a row when she tells him that she wants to keep their relationship under wraps. As she storms out into the Street, Adam follows her telling her he’s fed up of being messed about. They’re spotted by Gary who calls over to offer his support but finds himself about as welcome as cystitis. Sarah and Adam eventually make it up in the most romantic of settings, the backyard of the Rovers. She tells him she likes him but doesn’t want to rub Gary’s face in it and they decide to have a day at a hotel together away from prying eyes.

Meanwhile in the café Roy and Shona are struggling to cope with a broken cooker which means they’re unable to serve any hot food. When all their customers decide to go elsewhere, Brian decides it’s the perfect place to continue his starring role in ‘Educating Abi’ and valiantly attempts to teach Christina Rosetti’s ‘Remember’ to a bemused Ms Franklin. It’s quite clear that Abi has about as much interest in Pre-Raphaelite poetry as Ken has in Norwegian death-metal, and matters are not helped by Roy who keeps interrupting to make niggling corrections about sonnet construction. It gets worse when Brian makes a reference to a ring to illustrate how people bequeath things to their loved ones. Roy immediately thinks he is making a dig about his mother and chucks him out of the café. Hmm bit sensitive about something are we Roy?

Speaking of Ken-ny, the old misery is still rolling his eyes over the noise from the Bailey family’s building works. Lovely Aggie pops over with a home-made fruitcake and a promise that all the noisy stuff will be done by the end of the day. He also gets a welcome distraction by baby-sitting Bertie with Claudia whilst taking arty shots of brickwork (nope, I’ve no idea either). Not for long though, as a jealous Auntie Beth commandeers the infant. Round at Sinead’s she tells her niece that she will make a far better babyminder, however Sinead may have other things on her mind having received a letter from the hospital confirming her MRI scan.

Ken and Claudia return from their masonry appreciation just at the moment that Michael, whilst trying to chip off plaster, goes right through their adjoining wall leaving a huge hole in the living room. My first thought was what are the walls of those houses made of - wet cardboard? But then I caught a glimpse of the Barlow wallpaper and decided he’d probably done them all a favour.

But the BIG news tonight is that Michelle, the Queen of the Universe has decreed that she has changed her mind and all mortals must fall in with her plans. After starting the day flirting with Michael and agreeing to another date with him, she then overhears Robert telling Daniel that he blames himself for splitting up with her and that he doesn’t want kids anymore. As nothing and no one shall come in the way of Michelle’s wishes, she cancels all the Bistro bookings, lures Robert to a candlelit dinner and tells him that SHE has decided that they should give it another chance. Understandably confused, Robert tells her that time has moved on and he’s scared of it going wrong again. This obviously puts her into a bit of a strop, because Michelle cannot conceive of a world where she doesn’t get her own way immediately. She tells him that she doesn’t want random dates with blokes like Michael, she wants her life back. The key word here being ‘HER’. She then says that this time she will be in it for keeps (or at least until she decrees it otherwise) and Robert finally confesses that he never stopped loving her and the two are reconciled.

As they break the joyous news of Michelle getting her own way to Johnny, Jenny, Ali and Ryan, Robert says he must visit one of his young offenders but actually sneaks off to visit his secret girlfriend…Vicki! Clearly besotted with him Vicki is devasted when he tells her it’s time they called it a day. He lies that there isn’t another woman and through tears she tells him to get out.

Back on the Street Robert promises Michelle that nothing can spoil things now just as we cut to Vicki opening a Father’s Day card meant for Robert, containing the words ‘Congratulations you’re going to be a Dad.’

Well I think we can see how Robert might depart from the Street now. Michelle will find out that someone has made a life-choice that does not revolve around her and will spontaneously combust in disbelief, consuming Robert in a ball of flame.

Other storylines may of course be possible…give me your suggestions in the comments or catch me on twitter @mskelstar
Byeee for now….

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Sara said...

It's a good job Sarah lives with her family who seem to be available at all times to look after Harry whilst she stays out all night, swans off to the pub and will disappear for a day with Adam to a hotel.
And yet again we have characters jumping into bed together as soon as the relationship has started.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that there will be another 'who's the daddy'story line with Sarah being pregnant and not knowing who's the father,Adam or Gary.
It's a shame that there are more interesting characters,Tyrone, Ali,Emma and Maria who are not featured in story lines while we're watching the latest chapter of Sarah's love life.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and witty, thank you.


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