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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Kerri Quinn interview: Vicky's secret affair

It’s all out there now about Vicky and Robert’s affair, how did you feel when you were told you were coming back for this storyline? 
I was beyond excited, I’d seen Michelle and Robert on screen and thought they were a great couple, so when I was told I was going to be paired up with Robert, who is probably the hottest man on TV, I was alright with that! To be asked back was exciting in itself but to be asked back to be part of this storyline I was delighted. 

Has it being hard keeping it a secret?
It has been back at home because a lot of people are aware I’m back filming but not what for so I’ve had to mind what I say. So many people are Corrie fans that they’re desperate to know what my storyline is going to be and they’ve been trying to piece it together. We’ve seen Robert disappearing and Vicky being attacked and ringing someone so the clues were there.

What is it about Robert that has drawn Vicky to him? 
Well he’s an attractive man, he has been amazing with Tyler, the only person in a long time who has given him the support and encouragement to turn his life around and that’s drawn her to him. She’s aware of his paternal instincts, she knows he wants a child, but it’s also about stability and what’s lovely about this storyline is you see a beautiful vulnerability about Vicky that Robert brings out in her. It’s almost like she wants to be a better person for him.

Were there hints along the way about their relationship?
Yes there were hints along the way, are they two people that you would put together? I don’t know but what we never saw was how they got together, I assume he’s been very hands on deck with Tyler and very hands on deck with Vicky as well! He’d just split with Michelle, he was lonely and I imagine getting attention from someone like Vicky probably massaged his ego a bit.     

Do you think they are compatible? Could they have a future?
It’s hard to say at this point because they’re not together as in a relationship, it was a fling. However Vicky sees a future for them together, she’s got her claws into a good man and she doesn’t want to let him go. I would never say there’s no future for them, they’re having a baby together so they will grow closer but we’ll have to see how it pans out.   

How aware is Vicky about the lies Robert is telling and the double life he has going on with Michelle?
She has her suspicions because she does want him there more and more often and he is always making excuses and disappearing but it’s more suspicions, I don’t think for one minute she would suspect him of living this double life, I think if she thought that she’d kick back into the Vicky of old. She’d be devastated because I think she genuinely has fallen in love with Robert. She’s maybe more worried about his feelings for Michelle, she knows how much she meant to Robert and how he still considers her feelings, she deifinately sees Michelle as a threat.

Does she trust him? How would she feel if she found out he is secretly planning a wedding to Michelle?
I think it would absolutely break Vicky because I think Robert is someone she puts on a pedestal as a good man, he’s been so good to her and Tyler that she wouldn’t think he’s capable of betraying her in that way. She’d be heartbroken but also a little bit furious, just a smidge! 

What does Vicky want from Robert? Does she see them living happily ever after as a family?
100% that’s what she wants! Vicky’s lonely and there’s a vulnerability about Vicky, she’s damaged, she’s had a really hard life, then this great man has come along and she doesn’t want to let him go. She loves him so in her mind it’s the fairytale. 

Are you enjoying being back in the show with what could be such an explosive storyline?
I’ve never worked with a nicer bunch of people, I’ve been welcomed with open arms so if you combine working in an environment like this with amazing people and a fantastic storyline then it’s the dream job. It’s amazing to be here.   

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dhvinyl said...

All smacks of desperation to me. Scriptwriters are told he wants to leave and have to come up with an exit story. I’m more intrigued as to how they’re planning to get rid of Sinead.

coconno196 said...

I don't think Katie McGlinn will want Sinead to be killed off, in case she doesn't make it big in Hollywood. Perhaps the cancer has returned and she is packed off to miracle clinic abroad?


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