Monday, 17 June 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 17 June


GARY’S ABOUT TO GET AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE Lying to Bethany that she’s going to the Midlands on business, Sarah heads off to the hotel to meet Adam. Rick appears on the street looking for Gary and Sarah, suspicious Bethany takes a picture of him on her phone and shows it to Gary. Fearing for Sarah’s safety, Gary urges Bethany to track Sarah down. Puzzled to discover she’s at a hotel in Worsley, Gary sets off there, worried this is proof that Rick has her. Meanwhile Sarah and Adam put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and head to bed.
ROY ADMITS WHAT’S TROUBLING HIM When Wayne calls in the cafe and reveals that he’s been doing some research into Sylvia’s ring, Roy’s orders him to leave it. Brian and Wayne realise that Roy’s been behaving strangely ever since his trip to Portsmouth. Roy admits the secret of the ring revealed that his mother had an affair.
ROBERT AND MICHELLE SEIZE THE DAY Michelle confides in Ryan how happy she is that she and Robert are back together and this time it’s for keeps.
ELSEWHERE Daniel can sense Sinead’s worried about her scan. Aggie and Claudia wage war through the hole in the wall.


GARY FALLS INTO RICK’S TRAP When Adam makes jokes about Gary, it plays on Sarah’s guilt and she storms out of the hotel. Gary arrives looking for Sarah. When he shows the bellboy a photo of her, he confirms he saw her heading out followed by a tall bloke with dark hair. Gary’s horrified, wrongly assuming it was Rick. As Sarah and Adam make up, Gary calls Rick and accuses him of holding Sarah against her will. Seizing the opportunity Rick gives Gary some location details and tells him if he ever wants to see Sarah again, to meet him there. Gary finds himself in woodland looking at a shallow grave. What does Rick have in store?
ROY BEGINS TO FACE UP TO HIS PAST After some wise words from Cathy, Roy has a change of heart and tells Brian and Wayne that he would be grateful for their help in researching his family.
ELSEWHERE Bent on revenge, Aggie, Michael and James switch on every power tool in their possession making a terrible din. In retaliation Claudia and Amy, armed with violins, create the most dreadful racket. Beth signs up to the photography class, refusing to be outdone by Ken. Robert calls a meeting of the Connors and reveals that he’s planning a surprise engagement party for Michelle this evening. As the Connors gather in the bistro, Robert waits outside for Michelle

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Anonymous said...

My guess is that Gary is going to continue going down the slippery slope by killing Rick and burying him in said shallow grave.

Anonymous said...

It sounds rather macabre,while Gary may be killed by Rick ]who went after Gary because of Sarah]because Gary thinks Sarah is in danger[but caused all the danger]'Princess'Sarah has moved on to Adam without a second thought.
I bet though if Gary is killed,everyone will worried about Sarah and not Izzy the mother of Gary's child.

MartesBC said...

Hey, if Gary kills Rick, then Tracy will really be elevated to saint hood. I mean, she killed Charlie and did some time before being let out on a technicality. Gary on the other hand, would be in the same company as... his mom, Dr. Ali, Sarah/David/Kailie (RIP), oops, Tracy again due to the fires, Didn't Carla kill someonein self defence? maybe I forgetting anyone? Maybe Eileen in spirit?

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