Friday, 21 June 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 21 June


ROBERT HAS A BAD DAY Michelle arranges to meet Billy at lunchtime to talk wedding plans. Robert promises he’ll be there but when he’s a no show Michelle discovers she’s been lied to.
ADAM LOOKS INTO GARY’S PAST Adam’s intrigued as Sarah plays down her final showdown with Gary.
SINEAD HIDES HER FEELINGS Daniel and Sinead attend her scan appointment. Back on the street Beth proudly shows them her picture of Bertie, but Sinead rushes out overcome with emotion.
MICHAEL BAILEY TRIES TO IMPRESS THE NEIGHBOURS Jack recognises James Bailey from the County youth team and asks him to sign his football. Steve proudly reveals he knows James. Realising that Tim, Kevin and Steve are fans, Michael makes out he’s not only James’ brother, but his agent too.
ELSEWHERE Beth’s thrilled to hear her picture of Bertie is through to the final of the Gazette competition. Roy reveals he’s off to Cumbria for a few days to scatter Sylvia’s ashes and visit Carla.


At the bistro Michelle angrily reveals that she knows Robert has been lying to her about his whereabouts. Thinking on his feet, Robert makes out he was at the travel agents planning a surprise honeymoon. Will Michelle buy it?
SINEAD ASKS BETH FOR A FAVOUR Sinead explains to Daniel how Beth’s picture of Bertie set her off, fearing for the future. Daniel assures her she’s going nowhere and they ask Beth to take some family  portrait shots.
ELSEWHERE Michael invites Steve, Tim, Kevin and Jack down to James’ training session, promising an access all areas tour. The lads return from their tour on a high but when James clocks Michael taking a fee from each of them, he’s furious. Izzy worries about Jake’s future without his dad.

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David Hughes said...

I know Coronation Street is pulp fiction, and that’s one if the many reasons I’m addicted, but why does every story have to be based on lies and deceit? We get enough of this from politicians. I’d love the scriptwriters to take the moral high ground with more of its characters than just Roy and Mary. What do others think?

Abercrombie said...

Hear, hear, hear, hear, HEAR!

CK said...

I totally agree, yet another story with Michelle drama. Yawn

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. How many times have we heard characters say 'no more lies' only for them to do the opposite.
Any children that watch Corrie must think lying is the normal thing to do.

It's taken 23 Captcha squares to say this!

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