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Monday, 17 June 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 17th June

Sarah is going to the unspecified Midlands (Birmingham? Nottingham? Stoke??) for a business meeting. Though the only business she's doing is Adam. Meanwhile Rotter Rick turns up to find Gary and is snapped on her phone by a suspicious Bethany, who then shows the pic to Gary, who is concerned that Rick might wreak his revenge by attacking Sarah. Bethany tracks Sarah's phone and discovers she's in Manchester and Gary goes off in Bethany's car* just as Sarah and Adam are getting down to business. Unfortunately (for Adam), Sarah takes umbrage at his taking the p out of Gary and Sarah leaves the hotel just before Gary arrives, bribing a trainer-hungry bellboy to give him info. Hearing that she left with a tall bearded man, Gary puts two and two together and makes forty-six (if he were better at maths, he wouldn't have gone to a loan shark in the first place, n'est-ce pas?) and rings Rick, who takes advantage of the misunderstanding to lure and then attack Gary in the woods. And that's where he's going to stay 'til Wednesday!

* Bethany, who is a minimum wage waitress slash nail technician has a car. Quite a nice car!

Talking of lovebirds, Michelle (who I deeply believe got back with Robert because she was fed up of Jenny's snoring in the pub), tells Ryan that this time she and Robert are for keeps. Cut to Vicky who throws a bacon barm at Tyler in anger at his needling her about Robert's dumping her. Robert decides to re-propose to Michelle just as Tyler turns up to bop Robert on the mouth.

Roy and Bryan are still not talking, and Roy is definitely not talking about the ring, even when Wayne turns up to end this storyline, which is starting to drag, much as I heart Mr Cropper. Roy finally 'fesses up that Sylvia had an affair. I would be more interested in this if Stephanie Cole were coming back. How amazing would a scene between Sylvia and Evelyn be? Anyway, Cathy posits that Sylvia created a mystery for her puzzle-loving son to solve and Roy apologises to B-Pac and Way-Hay and asks to look at the research that Wayne has done, which is currently residing in Brian's loft-of-sorts.

You know when there's a hot young thing in Corrie and he is ironing his shirt that he's going to wear that day? Tonight we get this, but for octogenarians, as Ken's kimono slips as he's talking to Claud on the phone, post-bath. Unfortunately, this is witnessed through the hole in the wall by Aggie and it's hard to know who's the most embarrassed. Claudia takes matters into her own hands, literally, as she starts pushing rubble from the hole back into number 3. The Baileys get their revenge by turning on all their high decibel power tools, so the Barlows up the ante by playing the violin at the hole. As someone whose upstairs neighbours used to do DIY morning, noon and midnight, I hereby declare the Baileys evil incarnate.

Oh and Beth joins Ken's photography evening class, for the lolz presumably.

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dhvinyl said...

Yes, where are all these cars coming from? No one on the Street is earning any money, yet the car count keeps rising. Also, where are they parked, especially as no one seems to be using Rita’s garage.

Anonymous said...

How come they were able to track Sarah's phone to central Manchester but not to Carla's handbag? Maybe because Carla turned it off? Either way the writers have become rather fond of tracking someone through their phone.

coconno196 said...

Agree re suddenly appearing cars. Bethany's looks quite new, and when did she learn to drive? Also, if they all have (invisible) cars, why do they use taxis so much?

modtl said...

Why didn't David track his phone when Leanne nicked it because it was obviously still on?


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