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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mikey North interview: Gary's killed Rick!

What led Gary to kill Rick?

It was self-defence… in Gary’s defence. Rick came at him with a shovel and well it was literally a fight to the death, and he’s got to fight to survive. Luckily, he manages to grab a rock in time and well… he sorts him out.

How does Gary feel knowing he is capable of murder?

I think it is quite hard for him to take at first. I think he thought he was at rock bottom before, but this now makes it even worse. This will definitely have a knock on effect for Gary, but I am sure he will pick himself up from here… the only way is up.

Does he hold any guilt?

It takes a while to sink in… but he starts to feel the guilt more and more as it hits home. But Rick was the one trying to kill Gary, so he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.

How do you think viewers will react to Gary as the new ‘Corrie supervillain’?

I don’t know to be honest, we will have to see. I like watching Rick myself, I think he’s a really good baddie so I was sad to see him go. But hopefully the audience can understand why Gary did it.

What was your reaction when you were told you were going to be the new Corrie murderer?

In a way…I enjoy playing the big storylines, so being given this is just another exciting challenge for me. And I’m sure there will be more to come.

With being responsible for killing Rana with the factory collapsing, how does the killing of Rick differ?

Well I suppose Gary didn’t know he would end up being responsible for Rana’s death as he didn’t know the factory would eventually collapse. And with this happening, it has definitely had an effect on Gary. Even though it was self- defence, intending to actually attack Rick definitely makes the two a lot different.

Do you think Gary will ever mentally recover from this?

Probably not. I can’t see how he’ll ever get past it. He’s lost everything and now he’s killed two people. But I think it is the start of a new Gary Windass.
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Anonymous said...

I don't buy that Gary didn't know that the roof would collapse as he already stated he sabotaged the roof so Carla would hire him again to fix it.
Gary also knew that someone could get hurt [Sally did]or worse otherwise he wouldn't have taken the day off with Sarah to ensure she stays away from the factory
I want the truth about Gary being the roof saboteur to come out and the fact that to him Sarah's life was more important than the others especially Izzy.
I don't want Gary to be portrayed as a hero for killing Rick and getting awaty with causing his and Rana's death.

Mrs Lynch said...

I hope this means the new Gary Windass gets to go to prison.

Well done Iain MacLeod, the scriptwriters and storyliners for turning an utter bore of a character into a inept and dimwitted villain.

I don't recall Mike Baldwin killing anyone. So why the comparisons between him and Gary? Does anyone working on the show have the foggiest why Mike was such a revered character? I could happily retune their Freeview boxes so they could catch Classic Corrie weekdays on ITV3. Learn a thing or two about how to write ordinary, everyday dialogue and how an actor can command stage presence.

This show is sinking and the producer continues to play the greatest hits even when he dared suggest he wouldn't. The only solace is Gary has a shelf life now and won't stay around much longer.

coconno196 said...

Any normal person (!) who killed someone in self-defence would report it to the police. Covering it up only makes Gary look guilty of premeditated murder.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this story line is leading up to the exit of Gary Windass.


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