Friday, 14 June 2019

The Baileys... so far - Yay or Nay?

Well, what do you make of the new Bailey family - so far? I know it's early days and they've just arrived but I am loving the change of energy that the new family have brought with them.

We know that James has got a secret, that there's something strange going on with Michael too, perhaps something that's forced the Baileys to move away from their home to Coronation Street? 

And we know that dad Ed is a joker, and it seems, Aggie is the one who holds the Bailey bunch together.

So it's a great big Yay from me.

What do you say about the new family so far - Yay or Nay?

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Fluttershy said...

The problem with any new family on any soap is that they're there for a about a year or so, and then they all leave. Corrie needs new blood, and sustainable new families (not to mention more BAME characters), but all the soaps seem more interested in bringing back familiar faces whose post-soap career didn't go the way they thought than in developing new ones.

I like the Baileys. I suspect that means they'll be leaving in the back of a black cab before I've remembered their names.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): The actors seem okay and the father and son have a genuine charm, but as a unit they come across as a bit manufactured--a collection of stereotypes all rolled up into one new family! Maybe as they interact with the rest of the characters on the street they will start to feel more genuine and become more like actual people, less like a team of script writers' idea of an interesting new family.

And introducing a whole family never seems to work that well. The Nazirs were the last big family introduced--to similar fanfare as the first practising Muslim family on the street--and look at what happened to them. Even the one remaining, Yasmeen, is a shadow of her original self--drinking in the Rovers, a self-declared non-believer, and shacking up with the charmless Geoff. Characters who are introduced one at a time integrate more naturally.

Louby said...

Yes from me. I like them, and they had some good scenes with other characters. The only slight downside is Aggie's accent which was a little strange. Actors are often better off with their own accents than trying to be something else, I'm thinking of Stella and Natalie's (the one who had an affair with Kevin years ago) sister. They've obviously got some secret that meant they had to move from a big house to a little terrace.

I did enjoy Wednesday's episode more than I had for quite a while.

coconno196 said...

I like them all except wide boy Michael. Agree re accents. People don't always live where they grow up, so I see no problem in actors using their own accents. I said elsewhere that Ed sounds Southern, and I remember Corrie being like Eastenders, dominated by Cockney Baldwins.

abbyk said...

Yay. I esp like the chemistry Aggie and Ed seem to have; there are too many Corrie couple who don’t have that spark. I know guys like Michael and, like them, I hope he tones it down a bit. Could see him becoming friends with Ryan in spite of his trying to hook up with Michelle. I really like that they are a nuclear family, there are too many broken ones on the street right now.

Smiley said...

Re: Nazir - Isnt Ayla still on the show?

Louby said...

She is around Smiley, just not seen very much, apart from the recent thing she had for Ryan for one episode!

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