Sunday, 30 June 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Gemma's mum Bernie's first storyline revealed

Bit of an odd one this. 

We already know that Gemma's mum Bernie will be turning up in Coronation Street. She's on the list of those announced as joining the show by ITV. 

But now there's a tabloid story that reveals Bernie's first storyline on Coronation Street - and it comes with a strange whiff about it.

A source told The Sun Online: "Bernie hasn't always been the best mother to Gemma but she's determined to prove that she can be now that Gemma's pregnant. She does want to be there for Gemma but she can't help herself when she sees a money-making scam opportunity with Gemma being pregnant. Bernie doesn't see anything wrong with using Gemma to make a bit of money - even if it does mean stealing her own daughter's wee."

Yup, you read it right.

Mr Curry Sauce added: "Bernie deliberately blocks the toilet in the house so Gemma has no choice but to use a bucket when she needs to go. She decides to team up with another street resident to cash in on the abundant supply to help others fake a pregnancy test. But it won't all run smoothly and Gemma and Chesney aren't going to be impressed with Bernie's behaviour."

It comes after The Sun Online revealed how Bernie will cause havoc in the house when she arrives by flirting with Chesney and leaving Gemma convinced she's trying to bed him.

A source said: "When Bernie starts to treat Ches as one of the family, she's a bit too tactile and Gemma decides her mum is after her boyfriend."

You can see who else is joining, returning, leaving, taking a break from the show here.


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Anonymous said...

Are the writers on drugs?!What a strange and disgusting story line!
I shudder to think who'll go along with this weird scheme[Sarah in a bid to entrap Adam?]?
I don't think Gemma and Chesney are back together as a couple,they're friends who are now parents.

Flash Gordon said...

Oh my God! What rubbish is this? Another reason I am so happy not to be watching. Keep it coming ITV, you're saving me loads of hours just sat on the sofa!

Anonymous said...

Do the writers aim for the basest of storylines? That's all we seem to get these days. It is shameful.

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