Thursday, 13 June 2019

Meet the Baileys: Son James

Our blogger Ryan, who is on Twitter at @rybazoxo, met and interviewed all of the new Coronation Street cast members who are playing the new Bailey family.

Here in a short blog post are details of each family member, one by one.

Finally, we have the youngest son of the family, James Bailey

Youngest son James (played by soap newcomer and music theatre stalwart, Nathan Graham) is probably the first story arc to this new family. A promising footballer (right winger apparently, but I've no knowledge of  'footy'), James plays for fictional league legends Weatherfield County (the actor is a Man Utd fan). 

James is close to his brother Michael but he is more brooding and is harbouring his secret sexuality from the family; he's gay and hasn't yet come out.

Not troubled by his sexuality, James still keeps this card close to his chest, producer Iain MacLeod said 'we want to look at homophobia in sport and in football, also a modern story about a young gay man. It won't be your typical coming out story but the character has a lot of apprehensiveness, not with his family, but coming out to his teammates, and homophobia on the terraces is still rampant, adding 'he doesn't come out immediately, and we want this to be a modern story'. 

Meet the Baileys:

You can read Ryan's full interviews here.


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Anonymous said...

No criticism of this site and if I don't want spoilers I shouldn't read them. But isn't this one of the big changes in soap - we would have found out as viewers that he was gay through the telling of his story rather than be told what was about to happen. As a result I watch the odd episode but read on here what's happened in between.

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