Sunday, 30 June 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Harrowing new Corrie story leaked

A story today in The Sun leaks what they're calling "a harrowing" plotline for Coronation Street. 

It certainly doesn't sound pleasant. But as it's The Sun, take it with the usual pinch of salt with our old friend Mr Curry Sauce.

The Sun says that Dev's daughter Asha Alahan will buy an illegal bleaching cream online after deciding she wants to bleach her skin to make it look lighter.

A show source told The Sun on Sunday: “In the coming months Asha will return from India and decide that she doesn’t want to be Indian any more. She begins bleaching her skin in secret with a cream she has brought home from India. She will then start buying it online. We will see her dealing with the negative effects of her choice as time goes on, though fans will have to wait to see how high a price she pays.

“The Corrie bosses felt that this was a really important issue to highlight, as it is one that has become increasingly prominent. Many youngsters do resort to experimenting with these creams, without being aware of the risks involved."

Glenda Young

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And what about Corrie's contribution to this idea of lighter skinned Asians are beautiful narrative. Every Asian female in Corrie who was pretty has been light skinned, Sunita, Maya, Vikram's sister (can't recall her name) Alya, Rana?

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