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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 26th June 8.30pm

Following the mugging, Yasmeen is safe but the money has gone. Tracy takes a shocked Yasmeen home and telephones the police to report it. As Yasmeen breaks down, Geoff offers a comforting shoulder to cry on. Although defiant enough to head back to work, Yasmeen is still spooked when outside on the street.  It appears she's actually being followed again, but this time it's by Geoff!.

Over at The Bistro, Robert fools Michelle into believing that Ryan simply overheard a conversation he was having about a young offender. Michelle, however, is also fooled, believing that Robert was arranging the 'secret' wedding and hiding it from Ryan. Has Ryan caught on to Robert's deception?. Michelle later admits to Robert that he's a terrible liar. He's obviously not THAT bad!.

Sarah attempts to cool down Adam but Gary's temper gets the better of him. A fracas is narrowly avoided as Michael Bailey splits them up. Back at the flat, Sarah defends Gary's assault but Adam's macho reaction may have made the situation worse.

Gemma tries to explain her behaviour to Chesney and admits that the journalist's harsh words have hit home. Chesney soon cheers her up and promises to work hard for their unborn children.

Drowning in his birthday sorrows, Michael attempts to cheer up Steve with a 'get rich quick' scheme. Can 'Tiny'  really bring home the bacon?.

Steve is then suddenly called home and Tracy delivers him her idea of domestic birthday bliss.
A unicorn birthday card from Amy soon sparks an idea in Steve.

Back home, Yasmeen admits she was scared being outdoors and Geoff is quick to offer his protection.

Confiding in Gail, Sarah tells her mother about her increasingly fractious relationship with Adam. Sarah admits that she is keen on the solicitor and Gail gives her some advice. It's an analogy about shoes and men but it seems to work.
Having an identical conversation with Daniel, Adam admits that he is also smitten on Sarah.

Later on, as the couple are reconciled, Sarah confronts Gary again and tells him to stay away. Telling her he hasn't forgotten about Callum's murder, Sarah feels threatened and lashes out. With Gary's arrogance and Machiavellian manner now in full force, has he made a hollow threat or is blackmail next on his list?.

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David Hughes said...

Sadly, these are more synopses than reviews, great for folk who are going to see these episodes. I much prefer the opinion pieces. Sorry!

Barb Dwyer said...

I'm surprised anyone is still watching long enough to give an opinion!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): So SICK of Gemma and Chesney and the quad story line. It's like a pared down version of Benefits Street, where instead of four or five families encouraged by the producers to be outrageously tacky, you get the same one over and over. And Gemma's current schtick--does something stupid, selfish, short-sighted, looks sad and big-eyed. Does something stupid.... So tiresome.

It's not hard to see why some of the better actors, especially the younger ones, are moving on. It must be hard for them to take as professionals--being overlooked and underpaid while Corrie saves money by over-using some of its second tier actors, actors who have so few options that they are not going to quibble over salary. I'm not thinking of the older female actresses--it's a lot harder for older women to get work, so there are some great older women on the Street (Yasmeen, Sally,,Cathy, Eileen, Liz).. But with the younger ones, it seems the ones with ambition and talent are the ones leaving, while weaker actors (Chesney, Gemma) are foregrounded relentlessly to fill up the space.

David Hughes said...

I agree, though since Sarah Lancashire the Street has spawned a string of excellent female actors, and is to be congratulated on giving newcomers their support. The sadness, as you rightly point out, is that they’ve been hanging on to the deadbeats, probably. I agree, because they ‘re cheap!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with the above comments but you can't blame the actors for their storylines and the lack of direction. Well, that seems to me to be the problem. If Dolly is actually being told to go OTT as Gemma, then I despair. Gemma and Chesney are a bad match even if, in real life, they might have been a couple. Sorry, but Ches comes across as a complete drip while Gemma could have been okay if they'd kept the posh bloke in. Gemma, out of her depth amongst the toffs but determined to make her marriage work, would have been a sympathetic character. Especially, if it was only her wiles that brought some money in. As it is, does anyone care about these two and their predicament?

David Hughes said...

Yes...I still feel Gemma (Dolly) has the potential to be a good actress, once she's learned to pronounce her 'r''s! It's the story line that's scuppering her.

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