Monday, 24 June 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 24 June


CRAIG WANTS TO HELP FIND RICK Having found out from Bethany about Rick’s visit, Craig says the police will look into it.
ROBERT USES A TRAGEDY FOR HIS OWN ENDS Robert apologises for missing the meeting and reveals his plan to throw a surprise wedding. Billy loves the idea and assures Robert his secret is safe with him. Making out that he’s got another appointment at the travel agent’s, Robert heads out leaving Michelle to hold the fort. Robert calls at Vicky’s house. Vicky asks him if he and Michelle are back together and if that’s why he’s sneaking about.
YASMEEN’S PLAN LEAVES A BAD TASTE IN GEOFF’S MOUTH Geoff persuades a reluctant Yasmeen to take the night off as he plans to have Sally and Tim round for dinner. When Yasmeen reveals she’s going to the wine tasting with Cathy but will be back in time for dinner, Geoff struggles to hide his annoyance.
ELSEWHERE When Tracy finds Steve at a loose end in the cab office, she orders him to help Mary out in the flower shop. Chesney accompanies Gemma to her 12 week scan. When a lady nearby realises they’re expecting quads, she suggests they could sell their story to the press. Gemma’s thrilled at the idea whilst Chesney’s appalled.


CRAIG LOOKS INTO THE RICK & GARY CONNECTION Craig does some digging and reveals it would seem Rick has gone abroad. Adam’s curious but could he get in the crossfire.
ROBERT HAS HIS WINE AND DRINKS IT Robert assures Vicky that he and Michelle are history but she mustn’t find out about the baby as it would stir up terrible memories of losing her own baby. Vicky’s sympathetic. Robert finally returns to the bistro, making out he was held up by an accident on the M60. Michelle buys his story while Ryan is deeply suspicious.
GEOFF REJECTS YASMEEN’S ADVANCES With the wine tasting in full swing, Cathy and Yasmeen lose track of time. As they knock back glass after glass, Yasmeen fails to spot the series of irritable texts from Geoff. When she arrives back late for the dinner party she fails not notice how annoyed Geoff is. Geoff makes light of her poor time-keeping but it’s clear he’s very annoyed. With Sally gone, Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen and heads to the spare room.
ELSEWHERE In order to avoid dinner at No.6, Tim agrees to help Steve build Amy’s flatpack Wardrobe. As Steve and Tim put the final touches to the wardrobe, it dawns on them they’ve built it in the living room. The sonographer confirms that all four babies are doing well. Gemma and Chesney smile at each other with relief.

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