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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Corrie weekly update – Salon snogs and Saving Streetcars

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Watching this week’s Coronation Street I tended to drift off a lot. And so you’ll forgive me, I hope, for not bringing you a proper look at the world of Weatherfield this week. It’s not holding my attention in the way I’d like it to do. I’m not engaged with the storylines and goddammit I WANT TO BE. Come on Corrie, don’t lose me, please. And with that, let’s crack on.

Toyah and Imran pretend to fall out so that Toyah can move in with Leanne and Nick. She wants to find out what Nick knows about the factory roof collapse and doing some digging, she discovers that Nick ended up with a whole load of cash that he lied about, saying it was from his ex, Elsa. It’s the money he nicked from his gran, but Toyah doesn’t know that yet. In a strange scene, Toyah and Leanne “break in” to Rick the loan shark’s office to see if Nick got his cash from Rick. And that’s when I started staring out of the window and wondering what was on the other side and if I had time to put the kettle on and then there’s the seedlings that need planting in the garden, and oh my word, is that the time?

Elsewhere this week, naughty Natalie from Nottingham snogs David in the salon. She’s got the hots for him, and he for her I think in a luke-warm way but Shona’s not having it and lamps Natalie around the chops in the Bistro.

Over at Streetcars, Steve’s lost his operating license after picking up a fare on the street, which he’s not allowed to do. He and Tim fall out, make up and decide to sell the business. But when Tracy finds out, she rallies round with Liz and Eileen, the three of them determined to keep Streetcars afloat. There was a funny scene when the three of them tackle Jay, the app-making boy, and get him to come down on his price for making a Streetcars app so that Streetcars can compete with GoLucky.  

Speaking of Streetcars, Steve has a panic when some young lads get into his cab. He’s got a baseball cab in the front of his car incase of any problems and ends up chasing the lads along the cobbles with his bat. One of them falls and gets hit by a car – he’s a promising young Weatherfield County football player. Fortunately for Steve, the lad’s fine and it’s our first look at new character Michael Bailey who’ll be joining the show with his family soon and moving into No. 3. 

Kirk goes off on tour this week and sings a goodbye song to Beth outside of the Rovers. After the woeful “Our souls are beautiful” he sung the other week this week’s “isn’t this hilarious?” ditty was “A nice pair of puppies.”  And oh, is that the number three bus going past our house? At this hour? And then there’s the shopping to be done in the morning, and I can’t wait for the long weekend and I haven’t checked my phone in, ooh, ten minutes, there might be something interesting there. 

Sally suddenly decides she’s always loved horses and decides to buy one. Jenny and Yasmeen and Sinead want in on the syndicate too and they make a gentlemen’s agreement to buy an old nag called Heracles. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

A lot of crazy storylines going at the moment. I kind of hope Natalie will split David and Shona up; they're much more fun together. The horse story is light relief and might just work. If it does, it will be down to the two Sallys (Dynevor and Matthews) who can usually make anything work. Some totally ridiculous scenes eg: the break-in at Ricks and Natalie's date cautioning Shona (possibly meant to be funny but wasn't). We're treading water atm waiting for the big Carla melt-down which I hope isn't going to be a let-down.

Louby said...

I agree with you, I've got to the stage where it's more background and I look up occasionally from my phone.

I did like the Liz/Tracy/Eileen takeover of Street Cars. I'm optimistic that will provide some great humour. I loved Steve and Tim's row, that was hilarious.

The horse thing, Sally hasn't ridden a horse since her school days but has an outfit for the purpose that fits her perfectly?!!

coconno196 said...

Yes, Sally having jodhpurs and riding boots was a surprise! Rather like the way everyone has expensive designer outfits for weddings and funerals...


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