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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Episode Review Friday 10 May 2019

Sometimes you feel that the Street has gone down the wrong ginnel and tonight was I fear to say one of those times.  Ryan was stuck between Alya and Bethany - and given that he and the latter have been friends for months can you blame him for looking elsewhere?  A couple of doors down Norris, having  returned earlier in the week, was oscillating between his two partners -  Mary and Freda who have been at daggers drawn for days.  Running two such similar stories on the same day is beyond my comprehension so reporting tonight will be rapid.

TRyangle (nicked without approval from the Conversation Street podcast) continued.  Ryan spent time with both Bethany and Alya on Wednesday but when the former asks what he did he went to bed early with a good book (Ryan can read?).  He checks on Alya who winds him up and threatens to tell Bethany - not that anything happened.  Ali however considers it only right and proper to drop his non-brother in the mess and tells Bethany that Ryan had a date with Alya. Bethany finds Ryan and slaps his face (does nothing to improve his looks).  Ryan accuses Alya of telling tales but Ali immediately comes clean - which of course had Ryan done the same to Bethany might have avoided the subsequent angst.  Ryan later tracks down Bethany in Roy's Rolls and tries to talk to her (above).  As you can see she remains pretty dismissive and who can blame her?  Alya tells him to persevere with Bethany.  And he will be doing more Wednesday gigs.  Alya also tells Bethany that Ryan is cut up about events.

Norris cannot decide which of the above two companions he wants.  Is it his wife?  Is it his betrothed?  Freda has just found out that he thought of settling back down with Mary and is challenging Mary about it.  Mary makes clear that as Norris kept Brendan's letters from him the divorce will happen.  Mary goes to Victoria Gardens and talks to Brendan who has luckily been re-incarnated as a robin and she asks if he found any extra-terrestrial life.  Jan stops by and is completely confused as she tells him she is now dedicated to sharing her life with Brendan the robin.  Meanwhile Freda has thought things through and decides that her relationship with Norris is over (at least no-one slapped Norris' face).

Having made up a story about a missing scarf Paula and Sophie have lunch together and then Paula invites Sophie on the pony trekking holiday, although they will have to share a bedroom.  Then despite a pressing appointment the next we see of them is above as Sally and Tim are rushing to share a shower and they meet Sophie and Paula coming downstairs; presumably having just used the shower although their hair is dry but out of place!  It is all back on between them - and Sophie claims they are taking things slowly - at least for now.

Asha fails to attend an important school test and there is some extensive mystery which will no doubt be resolved over the next couple of weeks.  Initially Asha lies telling Dev she did the test and when challenged she then pulls the "You don't know what is going on in my life" and is stressed out.  Aadi lets slip that she is permanently on Snapchat all evening.  Asha has a second phone apparently.

Tim wins the competition to improve the age of his heart getting it down to 42.  He gets £100 each from Dev and Steve - but it turns out his new power walking outfit cost more than his winnings!

For unexplained reasons Robert dumps a lunch date with Michelle to meet someone in a hotel in town.  He gets himself all smartened up but when he is in the reception area he spots a dirty and dishevelled Carla.  He catches up with her and eventually gets her in the Viaduct Bistro van and brings her back to the Street.  Their conversations are dominated by her comments about the people who are out to get her.  When she gets back to the Street she jumps out of the van and passers-by intervene to keep Robert away from her.  She does a runner and is out of sight crouching by Victoria Court just before the credits roll (above).

Written by: Ellen Taylor & Owen Lloyd-Fox    Directed by Abe Juckes.

I am away for a couple of weeks so I am hoping that by the time I return there will have been a reverse ferret and we will be back on the right Street again!


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dhvinyl said...

I agree with you - Coronation Street is total tosh these days, but we addicts have to stick with it. Barely got e mention in the tv awards last night, and rightly so.

coconno196 said...

I agree, though I think they should have shown more of Gail's speech after Aidan's suicide, which was very moving, all about how folk conceal their inner turmoil, etc.

Sara said...

Why did Gary have to stick his neb in the conversation between Shona and Bethany, then Ryan? Far too many characters just wade in where they're not wanted, very annoying.

Louby said...

So we don't know who Robert was meeting? I thought I'd missed something.

coconno196 said...

No, the Robert mystery rumbles on, probably part of his leaving story. Wonder if he's looking for a surrogate again?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me ir us Alta behaving like an utter bunny boiler? Somehow she's spun a bit of flirtation into a full relationship and is acting like Ryan broke off their engagement.


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