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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Ben Price Interview: Nick, Natalie and telling Audrey the truth

Does Nick feel any guilt about going on this holiday that Audrey has bought for them all?
I don’t think he feels guilty I think he feels very uncomfortable as it has the potential to get very sticky. He feels that it is very uncomfortable, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Nick is always thinking about who might let him down, despite the fact that he actually lets himself down. Sometimes when Audrey lays it on a bit about the money he feels a bit bad but he is in too deep.

Is a holiday with the entire family Nick’s idea of heaven or hell?
Absolute hell! He will get bossed around, his mum will try and organise everything and everyone and also he struggles because in one way he tries to portray this independent businessman and yet he always comes back to his family, he can’t live with them and he can’t live without them. So a holiday with them is the worst thing for him. Everyone slots back into the roles they had growing up and become childlike again and he gets talked down to bit. Gail treats him like the golden boy who can literally do no wrong and Audrey treats him that way a bit too. He doesn’t get on with Shona, Sarah is his sister and quite bossy, when he gets back into the family dynamic with the girls he gets back into being bossed around.

But obviously the holiday turns out to be much worse than he could have imagined starting with the arrival of Natalie.
He starts to feel like it is slipping away and the fact that David has got intertwined with Natalie in some way doesn’t help. Nick thinks she has come to blackmail him and get to Audrey before him. Nick also knows he can’t control David and he wishes he could and it starts to show in the way he is acting, he tells them he is troubled by the police investigation but obviously it isn’t that. The net is really closing in on him, he knows it is now inevitable and the holiday is the place it is going to all come out. A Platt family holiday would be tricky at the best of times but with everything that is rumbling under the surface there is no hope. He has gone to try and assuage his guilt, to show he is not that guy, not the person who could do that to his gran but he is.

What happens when he sees David talking to Audrey?
He runs over to try and calm things down and stop David spilling the beans but by this time David is determined. As David goes through it there is a choice for Nick to make and I feel it is right that he comes out fighting. She might be his gran but he’s not going to play her for an old fool, I’m just going to play along the route of showing David he is just as bad as him, he blackmailed Nick, they opened a barbers. If the barbers does well they will pay her back, she never had the money in the first place, they have utilised the money well, which she would never have done, she still has her business, they have a business and she will get her money back so actually, it was an investment. Ok it doesn't look great that he stole it but in the long run she will get her money back. He has always held onto that thought.

Why has he always justified it in his head that way?
He was of the opinion that Lewis would definitely have got his hands on the money anyway and that she would never have seen it again. It fits his narrative that even though Lewis was about to propose he was still after her money.

How did he think he would have paid the money back?
He would have orchestrated a way to just say they are doing well and wanted to give her some money. Or he would have found a way of buying Audrey’s without her knowing for double the price and she would have got her money back. He would have been smart and he believed he would have got away with it. What annoys him more in his arrogance is that he believes his mum and gran would have come round but he is furious that David didn’t have the balls to see it through. After everything david has done to the family over the years he hasn’t got what it takes to push through, all he needed to do was keep his gob shut and get rid of Natalie and Nick sees that as a weakness. It might be your family but if you are going to play the long game see it through to the end, pay her back and keep the secret.

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Charles said...

Ben Price talks here about Audrey still having her business, but that isn't true, is it? She sold her share to Claudia, didn't she?


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