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Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 18th May 1992

Concerned about having to pay for Terry and Lisa's wedding, Jack phoned her parents and told them all about it.  They turned up at the house, angry, resentful, and sneering at the Duckworth home.  Lisa's father made it clear he despised Terry to such an extent even Jack found himself defending him.  Paula knocked on Andy's door, saying that she couldn't stop thinking about him, and they ended up snogging on the sofa.  Andy decided he wasn't going to get the grades he needed for university and stopped revising.  Emily continued to be angry and distracted, scrubbing her cutlery remorselessly and leaving Percy concerned.  Derek clattered round the Kabin in a mood, still annoyed at his pathetic status.  He told Mavis that he wouldn't be going to Rita and Boring Ted's wedding, and she should think about where her loyalties lie if she planned attending.  How vile.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd May 1992

Andy had his first exam, for his General Studies A-level, but it was too difficult so he walked out.  I mean, come on Andy: General Studies is easy as anything.  Ken persuaded him to go back in on the basis that Paula would be sat in the hall stressing about him rather than finishing the exam.  Gail was feeling old and tragic next to her student husband (Gail's age at this point in the show: thirty four.  Wow, what a crone).  She tried to arrange a romantic rendezvous with him to show him she was still exciting but her plans were waylaid by his annoying student mate coming over and being all wild and hip.  Mavis was forced to wear a badge marked "MANAGER" because Derek kept overstepping the line and trying to use his "years of experience" when he was just an assistant.  The Duckworth nuptials continued apace, with Lisa buying herself a dress with her dad's money and Curly persuaded to be best man.  Vera still felt down, so she went out on the town with Ivy.  They ended up chatting to a woman in the club and persuaded Don to give her a lift home at the end of the night.  Don was mortified to realise she was Julie, the woman he had an affair with last year, but much to his relief she kept quiet.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 25th and 27th May 1992

It was the Wedding of the Year as the Duckworths gathered at the church.  Vera begged a guard to take the handcuffs off Terry for the ceremony.  A very bad idea, because Terry promptly legged it during the photos.  Lisa was left distraught and Vera was interrogated by the police who were suspicious she'd planned the whole thing.  Derek continued to sulk at being Mavis's assistant.  He applied for a dozen jobs just so he could get out from under her feet.  Emily's behaviour was getting even stranger.  She laid out her photographs (including snaps of Mr Swindley, Ernest, Hilda and Annie Walker) in a strange, ritualistic order on the parlour table.  Percy got Deirdre round to see her, but she was seemingly fine, so she thought he was exaggerating.  It was only when a confused Emily tried to buy Farley's Rusks from the shop that Deirdre realised there was something wrong.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th May and 1st June 1992

Rita slipped into a delightful peach satin number to serve champers and vol-au-vents at her hen party.  Before most of the guests could arrive she burst into tears and confessed to Audrey about Boring Ted's brain tumour.  Terry's escape made it into the tabloids with a picture from the wedding.  Vera accused Don of flogging it, but it turned out to be Jack, who claimed he'd done it to help support their forthcoming grandchild.  Terry turned up at Bettabuys asking for money from Vera; she agreed to get it for him, but Jack refused to give her his newspaper cash.  Poor Lisa wondered if he'd only married her as a way of escaping.  Don meanwhile was sniffing around Julie again.  She told him to get over himself.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th June 1992

It was the Wedding of the Year (Part II) as Rita married Boring Ted.  He managed to make it down the aisle even though he was feeling numb; the brain tumour was starting to affect him.  On the plus side, Derek finally swallowed his pride and turned up at the wedding, though a distracted Emily didn't attend.  Alf was there as well, which was nice, because he's hardly been in the show since his heart attack and it's good to have him back.  Ivy announced to Don that she was going to spend some time in a nunnery on a religious retreat.  He took this about as well as you'd expect, and immediately ran off to Julie's for comfort, only for her to tell him she wasn't interested and was seeing other men.  Vera emptied her savings account for Terry and met him by the bins at Bettabuys.  Lisa also turned up, but Reg spotted them on the CCTV and phoned the police.  Terry was recaptured in a dramatic slow-motion scene, all pounding heartbeats and quick cuts, like a very special episode of The Bill.  Jack thanked Curly for shopping him but he told Jack it was Reg.

As far as @merseytart is concerned, Ivy can stay in the convent and Don can go join a monastery, because they're both quite awful.

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Anonymous said...

Over the past few weeks I've started to detect a change. I no longer care about Ivy, Don and dreary Julie, boring Ted, nasty Derek, Jim and the boys ... plus little things are starting to niggle - take the Friday episode: why no Alec at Rita's wedding (no explanation as to why he wasn't there), Derek's volte face about not going to the wedding and then suddenly a word from Bet and he's there having a great time. Ted's 'domineering' sister who hardly said boo to a goose and seemed to know who Mavis was without ever having met her before.
Tiny points maybe but having loved the Classics thus far you sort of feel as if a new hand is at the tiller and making changes. I've noticed David Liddiment's name appearing now as producer - maybe that's it.

Louby said...

I really enjoyed this week's episodes. Two weddings, neither of which went smoothly.

I'm old enough to remember that Lisa's dad was one of the original cast of Brookside. I think his character was called Alan Partridge.


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