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Monday, 13 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 13th May

She's coming home, she's coming home, she's coming - Carla's coming home. Although not voluntarily. Roy, returning from his travels, has the bright idea of going to the hotel where Carla was staying, rather than running 'round the Red Rec, shouting "Carla!" as every other character has done recently. At the hotel, he and Johnny find a dishevelled room and Carla's kidney meds, which she hasn't been taking, but no sign of Ms Connor, or Miss Donovan, as she's now calling herself. Maybe they should've just looked in Roy's flat, which is where Roy finds her. He is shocked by her mental deterioration as she insists that they find Aidan as he will be able to help persuade Kate admit that she hid Rana in order to punish Carla for the roof collapse. Roy's opposition to mobile phones looks rather pig-headed as he tries to phone various Connors on his landline with the aid of an address book, all the time trying not to disturb Carla, who believes that her relatives are out to get her. This doesn't work and Carla ends up cowering in the cafe as an ambulance arrives to take her to hospital, shouting at Roy that she'll never forgive him for his betrayal.

The comedy storyline, which kind of jars with the drama, is Rovers Got Talent, which features: i) El Magneto Magnifico, ii) a man who does impressions of household appliances, iii) Evelyn painting Brian as Cubist Caesar, and iv) El Kirko.

Geoff is his usual awful self, expecting Yasmeen to do her own magic trick, read his mind and somehow know that she's supposed to be his glamorous assistant in his act, something she can't do because she's a busy business woman, running her own restaurant. Once again, she apologises to him for his crass behaviour and ends up agreeing to watch a three hour David Copperfield film with him (I suppose everyone loves a Dickens adaptation) and Emma steps in. The "Limestone Cowboy", El Kirko, loses the talent contest, but wins the phone number of a talent scout after his rendition of the John Shuttleworth-esque ditty: "My Knicker-Packer Glory". (Un)fortunately, we don't get to hear his other new song: "Your Puppies Make My Blood Hound".

Meanwhile, over at Streeetcars, Tracy's determination to move to a three bedroom house and away from her mum-in-law, are matched only by Steve's determination not to modernise Streetcars. They're losing custom to Uber GoLucky, which has an app and cheaper prices. Most shockingly of all, Brenda hands in her notice to go work for their rival, and doesn't even turn up to do her balloon animal tricks at the talent show! Fare thee well, Fat Brenda from Levenshulme, we hardly knew ye. Steve spends the day driving an old lady with dementia around Bolton, and makes no money, which goes down with Tracy as badly as her earlier glimpse of Liz in the shower. In his frustration (and cost-cutting), he sacks Abi for going to the dentist and not finishing the valeting of the cab fleet.

And human man-bun Seb meets sweetie-pie Alina once more and gives her a friendship bracelet, because it's 1993, apparently. She's been moved to a new nail bar and nasty Rachel tells her off when she sees Seb hanging around. Alina agrees to meet Seb on a date, which involves sitting on Maxine's bench and eating chips, because: teenagers. She likes him, but won't let him walk her home and doubles back when she leaves, so he won't know which direction she lives in.

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dhvinyl said...

Am I bad to be collapsed in hysterical laughter at the snivelling black witch that is now Carla Connor ? Did Ms King really agree to come back only to end up like a bit part character in a lesser Dickens novel?! This plot line is ludicrous.
Meanwhile, dear Roy has returned looking nice and brown, albeit with a rather severe haircut. Make-up are asleep at the switch though, as the tell-tale horizontal crease just above the ears reveals he wears spectacles. Might it not be more sensible for him to just wear them?!

Anonymous said...

Comments like this are the reason Corrie chose to delve into a storyline about psychosis. If you have had even the slightest exposure to someone who suffered/suffers from psychosis, you would know Alison King’s portrayal in last night’s episodes were scarily accurate.

Corrie definitely have had some storylines and scenes that have missed the mark, whether it be comedy wise or drama wise, but this particular storyline about Carla’s spiral into psychosis has been, for those of us who have experienced it firsthand, dead on.

Psychosis brings fear, paranoia, and hallucinations to an all consuming hold over the person suffering; experiencing manic episodes leaving them struggling to breath, sweating profusely and terrified of anything that makes a sound, and untrusting of everyone around them.

I hope you never have to experience a loved one suffering from psychosis, because it is a horrifying thing to both live with and witness, and requires much more empathy and emotional depth than simply peacocking for likes on social media sites by posting superficial comments about characters/actors appearances.

Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Well said. I thought Alison King played an excellent part last night. What did you expect her to be like David? Run around in her high heels with a large glass of red wine in her hand. A totally believable and credible performance from Alison

David said...

@David Hughes

With attitudes like that it's no wonder we have a mental health crisis in this country.

Annette Curtin said...

Ease up on David Hughes! It's a bloody soap opera about fictional characters, it's not real life by any stretch of the imagination. Calm yourselves!

Abercrombie said...

What in the world does that mean? Surely those who have had experience of psychosis speak from a place of knowledge. I believe such subjects bring up raw feelings which need to be respected.

Jerry Montague said...

Anon - delving into psychosis is one thing. But we all know in six months from now it'll all be forgotten about, Carla will crack the whip and laugh, necking red wine.

My mum suffered from psychosis and died from complications so I have no faith there will be any long term implications to this storyline. This has been done for the awards season let's be honest.

This is no different to the storyline Alison King had three years ago with the flat fire. If they aren't too careful she'll take another break.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would give Alison King something else to do. The show has become misery porn.

Anonymous said...

Jerry - the original comment from David stated the ‘plot line was ludicrous’, commenting on Carla being a ‘snivelling, black witch’. She was portraying a fearful, paranoid, exhausted, woman suffering from psychosis who felt betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust.

Yes, soaps often glaze over the recovery of the character with very minor mentions of it (i.e. Nicks brain injury) and it is definitely a source of contention with viewers including myself, but it is the reality of shows nowadays; whether soaps, dramas, and news: It’s about shock and awe, absolutely. However, the actual portrayal of the current mental state Carla is in, is far from ludicrous. Psychosis affects people of all ages, all backgrounds, for differing reasons.

The fact that the comment calls this plot line ludicrous while suggesting that the makeup dept is also “asleep at the switch” because of a crease above an actors ears, reads, to me, that the comment is entirely superficial, lacking any depth, and borders on ignorant.

Rapunzel said...

I thought Geoff's reference to David Copperfield was to the magician of the same name, rather than a dramatisation of the Dickens' classic. In fact, had it been the latter I'd have put money on cultured Yasmeen being the one wanting to watch it.

I am rather sorry that Geoff is turning out to be such an unpleasant character. I had warmed to him at the beginning (and loved the uncanny resemblance to his on-screen son).

That said, if his controlling & manipulative behaviour towards Yasmeen (which is starting to border on gaslighting) is the start of a slow-burning, character-developing, storyline that will give both actors scope to shine, then all will be forgiven.


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