Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Coronation Street Spoiler: Cops investigate Steve and Tim

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Steve’s shocked when he finds the police quizzing Tim over a robbery at a petrol station involving a Streetcars cab.

Steve is edgy after the robbery but Tracy insists he goes back out driving. Armed with a baseball bat under his seat Steve picks up three lads from a bowling alley but they refuse to pay. As he grabs the bat one of the lads does a runner and is hit by a car. 

The young lad James gets to his feet and says he is ok, he doesn’t want to make a fuss as he plays for Weatherfield County and would get into trouble. Steve takes him to the cab office but is horrified to find the police there. Just what will he do? 

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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