Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Corrie's Big Week - all the storylines revealed

Three months after the dramatic events which brought the lives of Coronation Street’s residents tumbling down, secrets and lies will come back to haunt them in a week of must see episodes.

The consequences of the dramatic day in March, when the factory collapsed, finally catch up with both those responsible and the victims of the deliberate act of sabotage.

In five episodes, stripped across the week of May 27th, the identity of the roof saboteur is revealed, Audrey finds out the truth about her missing money, Carla Connor’s paranoia reaches new heights and TV host Lorraine Kelly finds herself caught up in the Platt family’s holiday from hell. 

The week begins with the Platts heading off on their spring holiday, paid for by grandma Audrey. But with the net closing in on Nick, and David starting to feel the pressure, it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out and rocks the entire family.

Whilst David and Nick are arguing over whether to come clean Gail is on a mission of her own - to hunt down her heroine Lorraine Kelly who she has spotted holidaying at the park. She finally tracks her down with hilarious consequences.

Troubled factory boss Carla Connor’s mental health has deteriorated in the months since the tragedy. This heartbreaking installment of Coronation Street will follow Carla as she suffers a severe psychotic episode, ending up on the Victoria street fire escape, believing she is talking to Hayley, Rana and Aidan. Can Peter rescue her and get her the help she needs?

As the week draws to a close viewers will finally discover the identity of the shadowy figure who sabotaged the roof of Underworld, sending it crashing onto the workforce and killing Rana. Which resident has been living with the guilt of this deadly secret and will they get away with murder?

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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Anonymous said...

With regards to the Platt family holiday,I wondered where is Leanne and why isn't she included?
I thought that Audrey was going to cancel the holiday and give the money to Sarah to help pay Gary's debts?

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