Friday, 17 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 17 May

Friday May 17th

STEVE IS TAKEN FOR A WHITE-KNUCKLE RIDE With pressure to find somewhere new to live Steve takes Tracy’s advice and picks up a young lad who flags him down to take him to hospital to visit his mum and offering to pay a hefty fare. The young lad asks him to stop at a garage to get some flowers for his mum but all is not what it seems.
NICK HAS MORE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER Shona finds herself feeling jealous when she walks in on David giving Natalie a lesson in how to cut hair. Meanwhile the police want Nick to answer some more questions.
CARLA’S HOMECOMING ISN’T PLAIN SAILING Peter and Michelle collect Carla from hospital and tentatively explain that she’ll be living back at Roy’s but Peter will be there too. Carla seems accepting of the situation.
ELSEWHERE Loved up after spending the night together, Seb offers to walk Alina to work. When Alina arrives for work 5 minutes late with Seb in tow, Rachel’s unamused and makes it clear he’s not welcome at the salon. Adam returns and apologises to Imran for leaving him in the lurch. Toyah’s unimpressed.

Friday May 17th

STEVE KNOWS HE CAN’T DO THE RIGHT THING. Steve is desperate to escape from the armed robber and pleads for mercy showing him photos of Amy and Oliver. Will he get away unscathed?
PETER FACES A TOUGH TASK AHEAD With Carla not wanting Roy around Ken offers him a room at number one leaving Peter to look after Carla alone.
DAVID FEARS THE TRUTH WILL OUT Nick and David panic, aware that if the police go through their bank accounts, they will want to know how they acquired such a large some of cash. Nick asks Paula for her help.
ELSEWHERE Alina calls at No.11 and apologises to Seb for Rachel’s behaviour, but explains that she’s one of the lucky ones as Rachel provides her with both a job and somewhere to live. Seb tells Alina he doesn’t like the way Rachel treats her and that he’s going to take care of her from now on. Alina kisses him, deeply touched.

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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