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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Corrie weekly update – Bye-Bye Brenda & Knicker Packer Glory

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Carla returns to the street this week after Roy and Johnny discover she’s been staying in a hotel, sleeping on the floor and is in a bad way with her mental health. She’s admitted to hospital where she calls out for Peter. Roy begs Ken to get Peter from his rehab unit but Ken says Peter has to come first, not Carla. Roy disagrees and goes to get Peter himself. Carla’s discharged from hospital, moves into Roy’s flat with Peter looking after her. It’s all been wrapped up too conveniently for me, she’s a woman on the edge who needs medication. She’s suffering a psychosis and the last thing she needs is her alcoholic boyfriend tending to her needs on Roy’s sofa. In the coming weeks we’ll see a full episode dedicated to Carla and her mental health in which (I hope) she’ll get the help she needs.

Elsewhere this week there’s a talent competition in the Rovers which brought a smile to my face. It was nicely done, I thought, fun too, even if it did mean we had to suffer Kirk’s singing again. An agent wants to sign him and he’s over the moon until Beth points out the agent signs comedy acts, not singers. Kirk’s not dissuaded and sets about arranging to go off on tour leaving Beth home alone. 

Over at Streetcars, Brenda hands in her notice, goes off to work with GoLucky cabs and gets engaged to Omar. This leaves Steve and Tim shorthanded in the cab office, and they wonder about getting a Streetcars app made to compete with GoLucky. A young whiz kid comes in to talk about apps and Steve and Tim don’t understand a word. 

Desperate Steve picks up a fare from the street and regrets it when the fare turns out to be an armed robber who threatens Steve, his kids and his mum.

Meanwhile, Seb and Alina become even more friendly although if he was my boyfriend and he kept turning up at my workplace every five minutes, I’d be having words with him. They’re a lovely couple, so cute and hairy. 

And finally this week, Adam Barlow returns – in a GoLucky cab – and without any luggage. That man travels light.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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