Monday, 27 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 27th May

Hello and welcome to Big Week! Nick thinks that coming back to the street and divorcing Elsa is enough to keep Leanne happy, without the bother of honesty or respect. She refuses to go on the family holiday (remember, the one that Audrey bought the Platts instead of giving them money?) but the rest of the Platt clan, inc. David the dog, set off to their fun-filled week. Straight away, Gail spots Lorraine Kelly (no, it's not like the time she saw Leonardo di Caprio in Argos) and they take chase in a pedalo, despite Audrey thinking Lorraine would be in Barbados with Christopher Biggins. What I want to know is, is this Lorraine, or the character of Lorraine?

When the police rock up to Trim Up North, naughty Natalie loses her bravado and just lets them in with their warrant to search the place. Natalie then turns up at the holiday camp to tell David, much to Shona's anger. Later, whilst doing archery, Gail, distracted by Natalie's butterfly tattoo (the one visible in the CCTV footage), shoots Lorraine Kelly in the bottom upper thigh, and Shona tells David the engagement's off, although the two things are not connected.

Meanwhile Sally does orientation in the factory with Gary, who finds a mysterious envelope containing his passport. Leanne inadvertently spills the beans that she and the other two Angels were the ones who broke out the passports from Rick's office (she doesn't tell them about the GBH on Sharon). Gary, persauded by Audrey that Sarah misses him, sets off to the holiday camp, only to be waylaid by Rotter Rick, who gets him in the back of his van, and it's not to give him a lift down the M6.

The female Musketeers plus S'Altagnan, buy the horsey from a man who makes a sharp exit once they've handed over the money along with the racehorse, which has been swapped with an old nag, and I'm not talking about Yasmeen.

Carla's mental health worker tells Peter that Carla is still suffering from paranoia and she must take her meds. Michelle comes around to visit, but Carla is unresponsive. 'Chelle ends up comforting Peter, watched by Carla.

Tune in again tomorrow at 9 when Gail accidentally drowns Lorraine in the swimming pool! (possibly)

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Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who feels watching these "comedy" sketches is like being repeatedly slapped in the face by wooden board that has the words "laugh at this!" written on it?

Sara said...

I agree with you anon.
I was just wondering where hard up Natalie got a car from so that she could drive to the holiday camp.
Also what is the point of going to a forest when you can only see a brick wall from your kitchen window and a stone wall from another window?

Tashacat said...

Agree with Anonymous about the ‘hilarious’ storylines. I fast forward most of them.

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