Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Tues 28 May

Tuesday May 28th 9pm

IT’S GAME OVER AT THE HOLIDAY PARK Gail googles Natalie’s profile and zooms in on the tattoo. She tells Nick that she recognises it as the same one on the cctv footage of the girl who stole Audrey’s money and she has called the police. Is the truth about to come out? Nick’s horrified and sets off in search of David. David finds Audrey sitting by the lake and plucks up the courage to tell her the truth. Nick hurries over to Audrey and David just as David drops the bombshell that Nick stole her money and he helped him spend it. How will Audrey react?
GARY SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO PROTECT SARAH A dazed Gary wakes up in Rick’s office tied to a radiator. Rick accuses Gary of getting Sarah to do his dirty work by breaking into his office and stealing his stash of passports. Gary denies it but Rick’s disbelieving. Meanwhile Sarah assumes Gary has decided not to come and join them on the holiday after all.
SALLY HAS TO THINK ON THE HOOF Having taken a call from the stables telling her that she needs to collect her horse as the previous owner is six months behind on his stabling fees, Sally’s at her wit’s end. Tim orders Sally to concentrate on their dinner party preparations while he pays the stables a visit and sorts out the horse problem. As Sally puts the finishing touches to her dinner table, she’s horrified to see a horse in the back garden.

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