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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 08 May 7.30pm

Mary and Freda exchange glaring glances on the street - Mary is still scorned. Seemingly still jealous, will Mary grant Norris the divorce he needs to leave with Freda?.

Ryan tells Robert that Michelle is going to join the search for Carla whilst Peter is in rehab. Robert needs her at the Bistro though whilst he's out on a mystery mission. Michelle tells Daniel that today is the anniversary of Aidan's death. Relaying the information to Robert, the Bistro boss feels guilty for his earlier behaviour towards his ex-girlfriend.

Following their argument, Yasmeen and Geoff's seem to have made amends. Alya tells Yasmeen that she's sorted out Ryan to DJ at Speed Daal for student night. Geoff is disgruntled that he didn't get asked and persuades Yasmeen to try and convince Alya for a spot. Thanking Bethany for her help in getting him a gig, Ryan misreads the situation and moves in for a kiss. Bethany recoils in horror.

At Number 3, Norris and Freda are sorting out Emily's knick-knacks ready for the move. Norris sneakily hides a batch of letters he's found, but this doesn't go unseen by Freda.

Later at the Kabin, Freda asks Rita what Norris would be doing with piles of letters addressed to Mary, so the women decide to wait until the shop shuts before opening them.

Sally and Paula arrange to meet for dinner at The Bistro. Asha, Amy, & Summer's girl gang is reformed and talk turns to boys.

At Speed Daal, Yasmeen fails to get Geoff a DJ spot, and put out by Bethany's rebuttal, Ryan makes a play for Alya.

Bethany explains to Sarah that she turned down Ryan as memories of Nathan still mar her mind. Admitting that she actually likes him, Sarah tells her daughter to tell him how she feels.

Meeting Norris in the Rovers, Mary pleads with her former best friend to reconsider his position with selling No.3. and flatly refuses to divorce him.

Later on at Speed Daal, Ryan and Alya continue to flirt and organise a date together.

Opening the letters, Rita can't believe who Mary's pen friend is!.

Any guesses and will this revelation rock Mary & Norris's relationship further?

I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode.

Speak in a bit!.

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James Knight said...

Well praise will be given when it is deserved.

I'll admit it might be because I'm a bit biased as Ali and Ryan are my favourite characters in the show but tonights episodes were the best episodes in a long time. I find it no coincidence that Ali and Ryan were major characters in the show! Please show more of them!

Rossie said...

I'm a bit surprised that Paula agreed so readily to have dinner with Sally. Don't recall Sally ever paying her bill.
I like the flirting between Ryan and Alta, but it is hard to see Bethany heading for a fall.
Apart from Ryan and Alya I think the cast look very tired and are just sleep-walking through their lines. Too many episodes methinks. Too little time to decide story lines, rehearse and film.

Fluttershy said...

Did I miss something? When did Bethany break up with Craig? And when did she move into Maria's flat? I must have missed that episode...

Sara said...

Paula only agreed to have dinner with Sally on the off chance she might see Sophie.

Anonymous said...

why on earth would Rita [of all people] and Freda open Mary's mail?!
What a betrayal towards Mary invading her privacy!I thought Rita was a better friend that that!
I guess as far as the writers are concerned,it would make sense for Rita to give Mary her letters unopened?

Abercrombie said...

My thoughts exactly. Rita would not do that, she has principles.


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