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Friday, 17 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 17 May

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your review of tonight’s two episodes.

In the McDonald household one bathroom between four is not working and with both Tracy and Amy nagging him about finding somewhere new to live, Steve follows Tracy’s daft suggestion to illegally pick up fares in the street. A young man asks him to take him to the hospital to visit his sick mum, but first gets him to stop at a garage where he promptly robs the till. Steve is of course totally unaware that an armed robbery is taking place, mainly because the bandit buys him a flapjack. Still maybe oats baked with golden syrup are his Achilles heel. I could probably overlook some mild GBH for a family-sized pack of fizzy cola bottles.

Over at Trim Up North Natalie is alternating between moaning and threatening to blab, because David won’t train her to cut hair.  He finally gives in and lets her loose on Kirk followed by Craig (they’re obviously his worst tippers). Shona walks in as the two are bonding over hair clippers and looks pretty jealous, and so she should as we all know where this is going to lead. Oh, and incidentally PC Tinker is living with Toyah and Imran. I’m glad that’s sorted out…though it’s possible that I’m the only person who was at all curious about his living arrangements.

In other news Adam has quietly returned, with not so much a fanfare as a dud party-horn. No one seems particularly pleased to see him, except Sarah who has a definite glint in her eye.

At No. 11 lovely Alina has stayed the night with Lord Greystoke Seb and is panicking because she will be late for work. When Seb calls in at the nail bar with flowers she is short with him, saying that Rachel doesn’t like them having boyfriends. Later she explains that Rachel could make life very hard for her. Seb tells her that she should get a job somewhere else, and that he will take care of her.

The police have more questions for Nick. Elsa has denied giving him any money so they tell him they will need to see his personal and business accounts. Paula looks perturbed when Nick tells them they’ll need a warrant and outside of the police station he tells her to buy him some more time or she’s fired. I imagine that might be a relief for her, she probably had to cut short her pony-trekking with the lovely Sophie to defend this shifty ingrate.

All of this leads to a particularly nasty confrontation between Toyah and Leanne. Toyah extends an olive branch to her sister saying that she thinks she is trying to believe that Nick is innocent because she is a good person. But Leanne being the ill-mannered shrew that she is, tells Toyah she is only doing this because she thinks if she doesn’t Imran will dump her. Then just for good measure she throws in that Toyah has never been able to hold onto a bloke and is punching above her weight with Imran. Seriously, why does anyone ever speak to Leanne? I’m pretty sure the last time she was civil to someone John Major was PM.

Meanwhile Peter has brought a fragile Carla back to Roy’s. He tells her he is going to live there with her, but she starts to panic when Roy appears, saying she can’t stay because he is ‘one of them and out to get her’. Being the selfless man that he is Roy packs his brown suitcase like Paddington and gets set to leave his own home so that Carla can feel comfortable. Luckily, he doesn’t have to look for a kind passing family at a railway station as Ken steps in and tells him he can live at No.1.

Back on the mean streets of Weatherfield Steve is in fear of his life as the armed robber gets him to drive to a secluded spot and threatens him with a knife. Steve pleads with him, showing him pictures of Amy and Oliver and saying he’ll tell everyone he didn’t see his face. He lets Steve go but not before threatening that if he blabs bad people will come after his kids. When a justifiably shaken Steve finally gets home, he rages at Tracy for her stupid idea of getting him to pick up strangers at the side of the road. He tells her he can’t go to the police because not only did the tealeaf threaten the kids, but he’d have to admit to picking up fares and would lose his license. They both decide to keep schtum, Steve for the kids and Tracy so she can get a new house. Never let it be said that Ms Barlow-McDonald doesn’t stick to her principles!

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James Knight said...

What happened to Ali, Ryan and Alya.

They shone last week after months of absence and they've disappeared again!


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