Monday, 27 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 27 May

Monday May 27th - 9pm

CAN THE PLATTS PARK THEIR TROUBLES The Platt clan set off on holiday minus Leanne who refuses to go as she believes Nick is lying to her. Audrey, Gail, Nick, Sarah, Bethany, David, Shona, Max, Lily and Harry arrive at their holiday lodge. 
GAIL IS STARSTRUCK WHILST LORRAINE KELLY IS JUST STRUCK Gail is convinced Lorraine Kelly is staying at the holiday park and cajoles Sarah and Bethany to chase Lorraine in a pedalo. Will Gail get to meet her idol? 
DAVID AND NICK GET AN UNWELCOME VISITOR Natalie arrives at the holiday park with some worrying news for David and Nick Shona is less than impressed when she sees David in close conversation with Natalie and tells David the engagement is off. Meanwhile Gail thinks Natalie’s tattoo looks familiar.
GARY ALMOST MAKES A GETAWAY Gary is shocked to find his passport in an envelope and even more so when Leanne reveals they broke in and retrieved it. When Audrey rings asking him to join them on the holiday he is all too keen to get away. 
CARLA IS A CAUSE FOR CONCERN Carla’s mental health practitioner, Scott, calls at the flat. He’s concerned to see that she’s still suffering from paranoia.  As Scott and Peter discuss her condition, Carla listens in a state of high anxiety. Michelle visits Carla and is shocked at the state of her. Peter breaks down and Michelle holds him.

ELSEWHERE Sally, Jenny, Sinead and Yasmeen excitedly take ownership of a beautiful racehorse. After a celebratory drink, the women head outside to admire their new horse only to find it’s been replaced by an old nag. Sally realises they’ve been had.

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Willz The King said...

I can’t wait!

David Hughes said...

I boggle at the ability of Corrie’s penniless to spend money like water. Who’s actually earning more than a fiver a week?

Catsmom said...

My thoughts too! How can anyone on Coronation Street afford 1/3 of a horse?

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