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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Georgia Taylor interview: Toyah and Imran split

What does Toyah mean when she tells Leanne she is having relationship problems? 
Imran and Toyah’s relationship is still very new and they were still having loads of fun but suddenly this awful tragedy happens and his sister dies and it throws everything out of balance for everybody.  It’s a huge test for them as a couple and it’s not something that you think you are going to go through with someone when you’ve just started dating them. In a way, it has advanced their relationship.

What is Toyah finding the most difficult to deal with?
Toyah is finding it difficult because by his own admission Imran is furious, angry, hurt, grieving and taking a lot of it out on her. She has been very understanding and forgiving but there have been a couple of moments where she does bite back. Toyah thinks it’s not her fault and it’s awful that his sister has died but she is only trying to support him and he is making it really difficult.

Does Toyah love Imran?
Yes I think she does. I don’t know if they have had a moment where they have looked into each other’s eyes and said it but she does feel that way.

What is the dynamic between Toyah and Nick when she moves in with him and Leanne?
There’s no love lost between Nick and Toyah and there hasn’t been for some time. To have Toyah move back in, is his worst nightmare because he knows that she won’t stop with the sarcastic comments. Leanne is oblivious, she thinks it’s great.

Do you think Toyah is a match for Nick?
In some ways. They are both smart but the difference is that Nick is naturally more cunning than Toyah is so that could be where he trumps her. Toyah is bright but she is not a mastermind, criminal genius. Nick is notoriously sneaky and devious and certainly we have seen that since Ben Price has come back in the show, we have seen a darker side to Nick.

How has Nick’s darker side had an impact on Toyah?
It’s interesting because I feel like when I have scenes with Ben Price, Toyah reverts back to that boisterous teenager because a lot of what she is saying to Nick is quite snide. Toyah hasn't trusted Nick even since they were teenagers and the way he was with Leanne when they ran off and got married, it goes way back.  She is still a Battersby so she still has that Battersby spirit that comes out now and again.

Why is Toyah suspicious of Nick this time around?
For a while Toyah has been questioning Nick’s finances, where he suddenly has got all this money from and how he could invest in the factory. Leanne has been suspicious about that as well because he has always been quite vague about it so Leanne, Toyah and Sarah are all equally suspicious and they come together and join forces. It’s Charlie’s Angels meet Scoobie Doo!

When Leanne and Toyah break in to Rick’s office, what are they expecting to achieve?
They want to find evidence that Nick has used Rick as a means of getting money. Toyah wants to find the evidence because she wants to have this big reveal with Leanne where she can say that she was right all along and that Nick is dodgy. Leanne is hoping for the opposite; she doesn’t want them to find anything that could prove that Nick has gone to Rick.

How much of this plan have they thought through?
They are totally running of adrenaline and if they stopped and thought about it too much then they would talk each other out of it because it is ridiculous; they are breaking and entering, particularly a premises that belongs to a really dangerous man. It all happens really fast, when they get in there they fling cupboards open and it’s all crazy and then they hear someone is potentially coming back into the office.

How much danger do you think the sisters are in?
Rick is someone not to be messed with. It’s risky and there is every chance that they could be caught either by Rick or the police so they are definitely putting themselves in danger.

What were this week’s scenes like to film?
It was lovely to work with Tina because I don’t usually get to do much with her and I think she is fab and it’s always great when I get to work with Jane.

What will you miss about working with Charlie De Melo if Imran and Toyah split for good?
I love working with Charlie, it’s really mixed things up for me. I adored working with Chris Gascoyne because he is just so brilliant but I knew that was always going to end badly because of how the storyline went and Peter is so perfect with Carla. Charlie and I have a really strong friendship and we really make each other laugh.

What do you like about Toyah?
Even when she is ever slightly deceitful, there is good at the heart of it. Some of her decisions are so ill-judged but having said that, it is a soap! If we all behaved impeccably it would be such a boring show.

What advice would you give Toyah in this situation?
The rational side of me says, “Take a step back, this can’t end well, if you are right then the truth will find its way out.” But the viewer in me is going, “Keep on hounding him,” because it’s more interesting. I love the dynamic between Nick and Toyah, it’s really fun to play because Toyah and Nick are so sparky with each other.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

They are trying so hard to make Toyah's character work, and it isn't. Hopeless match with Peter and zero chemistry with Imran. There's no humour to Toyah and she used to be such a live-wire. Leanne's got boring as well so maybe the sisters should stay single, share a flat and create havoc on the Street again.


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