Friday, 10 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 10 May

Friday 10th May 2019

WILL BETHANY DISCOVER SHE’S BEEN PLAYED? Alya is hurt to see Ryan and Bethany on the street clearly loved up. Ryan begs Alya not to tell Bethany he asked her out. Is Ryan’s secret safe? 
ROBERT FINDS MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR Robert agrees to go on a lunch date with Michelle but when he cancels saying he needs to go to the wine suppliers she admits to Ali how much she misses him. Robert arrives at a hotel and is shocked by what he sees. 
MARY MAKES A HEARTBREAKING DISCOVERY Mary confides in Rita that she’s left a message on Brendan’s phone explaining that she’s only just read his letters and she accepts his proposal of marriage. Norris apologises to Mary for keeping Brendan’s letters from her but insists he was simply trying to protect her. Mary’s heart leaps when she receives a text from Brendan suggesting they meet up. 
ELSEWHERE Emma hands out fliers and does her best to drum up support for a talent contest in the Rovers. As Amy and Summer giggle at something on Amy’s phone, Asha’s convinced they’re laughing at her and heads off in tears. Having missed her exam, a tearful Asha admits her date with Corey was a disaster and it’s obvious he fancies Amy. Summer’s concerned for her. Paula calls at Speed Daal to see Sophie and it’s clear they’ve missed each other.

Friday 10th May 2019

NORRIS FEELS ATTACKED FROM EVERY SIDE Norris assures Mary that he didn’t want Brendan to hurt her again and he was looking out for her as a friend. Freda’s furious, realising Mary means more to him than she does. IT’S OVER BEFORE IT’S BEGUN FOR RYAN AND BETHANY Ryan assures Bethany that he only asked Alya out as she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested. Having forgiven him, Alya offers Ryan a regular DJ set at Speed Daal and urges him not to give up on Bethany.  Ryan’s grateful.
ELSEWHERE Paula invites Sophie to join her on her pony trekking holiday in Spain. Sophie’s thrilled. Sally’s delighted to realise they’re back together. Tim shows off his new sportswear to Sally and suggests they go for a power walk. Dev’s concerned when he receives a call from the school to say Asha missed her exam. When Aadi reveals Asha spends all her time on Snapchat rather than revising, Dev confiscates her phone.  Once out of sight, Asha pulls out a spare phone from her pocket.

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