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Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 8th and 10th June 1992

The McDonald boys were coming up to 18.  Andy wanted an InterRail pass so he could flounce round Europe with Paula but Steve wanted the cash equivalent.  What they didn't know was Jim's bike business was going under, so it looked like they'd be lucky to get the drippings off his nose.  Don continued to hang around Julie, saying he just wanted to be friends, but she was unsurprisingly unconvinced.  Vera was still reeling from Reg grassing up Terry, and told Curly she was resigning, only for Jack and Lisa to tell her she was mad.  She immediately withdrew her resignation and instead spent the second episode cleaning up spilled piccalilli off the supermarket floor.  Percy Sugden, for the first time in his life, was actually being a decent human being.  Emily's confusion was getting worse and he took care of her, gently and considerately, but his discretion had a downside as Mavis became convinced that he was hiding Emily from her and dominating her life.  Percy's attentions weren't completely foolproof though, and when Mike Baldwin nipped round to ask Emily to rejoin his business empire as a bookkeeper, she offered him a ten grand loan for his new spares business unprompted.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 15th June 1992

Don and Ivy celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary at a posh restaurant.  Ivy gave a lengthy speech about how they'd got through the bad times and everything was going great, so obviously Don spent the next day taking Julie out on a picnic.  She once again made it clear they were just friends but he still tried to snog her.  The Hortons tried to persuade Lisa to return to Blackpool but Vera offered her help once the baby was born and she stayed.  Emily continued to degenerate, and when Percy caught her filling out the cheque for Mike Baldwin, he exploded and accused him of taking advantage.  She told him it was none of his business so Percy decided to move out, but a confused Emily then asked him to stay the next day.  Alma wanted to clear the air with Jackie Ingram, sorry, Baldwin, and she went to see her.  She told Jackie she never slept with Mike while they were married.  Jackie said she knew that, but Alma should probably tell Mike, because he was the one who put her name on the divorce petition in the first place.  Jackie advised her to run for the hills...

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th June 1992

Percy finally managed to alert the rest of the Street to Emily's condition after she went missing.  An impromptu search party found her on the platform at Victoria in her slippers.  She ended up being admitted to hospital.  Alma was upset about Jackie's info and slapped Mike and told him he was a pig.  Gail told her that he must really love her to go to such lengths to con her into marrying him which explains a lot about her love life.  Alma was in two minds whether to even go to the wedding, but Audrey persuaded her that if she was going to dump him, it'd be especially humiliating in the Registry Office.  She went up the aisle... but instead of jilting him, she became the third Mrs Baldwin.  Ivy returned from her religious retreat with notions of renewing her marriage vows.  The thought of being doubly tied to Human Greenfly Infestation Ivy sent Don to Julie, where he said he was planning on leaving his wife.  Julie said she didn't want him and sent him home.  Depressed and angry, he sped through the countryside at wild speeds in his taxi, finally flipping his car into a ditch.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 24th June 1992

It was like modern day Corrie as half the storylines revolved around the hospital.  Ivy sat by a comatose Don's bedside, rubbing her rosaries and praying.  She was convinced that after taking Bert and Brian away from her, the Lord wouldn't be cruel enough to take Don as well.  His fellow drivers had a whip round but Ivy was surprised to hear he hadn't been on duty the night of the crash.  Meanwhile Emily was in a surprisingly charming psychiatric hospital, relaxing in the grounds with a magazine, and sharing a cup of tea with the doctor.  It was more like a spa.  Upset about not being able to give the twins a decent birthday, Liz sold her granny's ring for £400 - two hundred for each of the boys.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 29th June 1992

The McDonald boys finally became men and went in the pub for their first legal pint.  Alec said they were welcome in the Rovers any time, not realising how literally Steve would take that invitation.  Angie got a haircut!  In less exciting news, she also got her results, a 2:2.  She also got a job interview at Onyx Fashions, the company who stole her designs the previous year, and she used it as an opportunity to lay into them.  Hanif the manager proved to her they hadn't deliberately stole them and gave her a job for being so bolshie.  (Hanif was played by Ayub Khan-Din, now better known as the writer of East is East).  Deirdre and Percy both visited Emily and were pleased to see she was on the mend.  Don came out of his coma in time to get a visit from Julie.  Things got awkward when Ivy arrived and twigged that she was his bit on the side.  Ivy accused him of continuing the affair when he promised it was over then went home to cry on Gail's shoulder.  She realised he'd tried to crash the car deliberately.

Boring Ted and Rita came back from their honeymoon in Thursday's episodes but their antics were so dull I couldn't bring myself to write about them.  If you've any complaints send them to me on Twitter @merseytart.

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Louby said...

How thick skinned (or just thick!) was Ivy? She's rambling on about how happy she is to Don, who has a face like a 1000 slapped backsides, and she doesn't even notice.

I thought Emily's illness was done very well and quite good that it happened to be shown in mental health week.


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