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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 15 May 7.30pm

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Coronation Street blog!. Here is Wednesdays part one, wrapped up in handy blog review.

Cornered by Roy’s intervention, a paranoid Carla is finally in care of the hospital and Roy is by her side. At The Rovers, the Connor family are in turmoil, only Kate lacks in sympathy.

Also at the pub, Michelle admits to Ken that she's text Peter to tell him about Carla, only for Ken to chastise her stupidity. Admitting that Peter needs little distractions whilst in rehab,  Ken storms off in dismay.

Abi breaks the news to Tim that Steve has sacked her from streetcars. Tim offers to speak to Steve, only for Steve to finally admit that 'go lucky' are stealing streetcars staff and customers with their trendy app. Tim has a rare brain wave and introduces Steve to a tech geek he knows. Over a pint at The Rovers, the luddite lads are told it will cost £20k to get streetcars a booking app. Steve has the cash, however, it's a deposit for a house with Tracy. What will the cabbie do?.

Meanwhile, Kirk has a lunchtime meeting with the talent scout. Beth worries about what he's getting himself into before Kirk announces that the agent wants him for a 6-week comedy gig at Pontins.

During visiting hours, Johnny goes to see his daughter and Carla's psychosis is apparent. The doctor explains that although her kidneys will be fine, the strain on her mental health is obvious and that she needs close people around her. Desperately pining for Peter, Carla threatens to leave the hospital unless he pays her a visit. At N0.1, Roy fails to persuade Ken to release Peter from rehab.

At the barbers, Natalie winds up David by reading him his star sign, before she coyly admits that it's her birthday. Deliberately devious, Natalie begs David for more hairdresser training and skives off on an early lunch break.

Visiting Seb, Alina has taken the day off to spend time with the handyman. At 'Speed Dall' the young couple share lunch before being spied by Abi. Seb acknowledges his Mum but hides her away from his new girlfriend.

Back at the hospital, Johnny lies to Carla and says that Peter is due to visit. Roy, having completely ignored Ken, manages to track down Peter anyway and he's soon arrived ready to help his partner- much to Ken's disgust.

Can Peter save Carla from her mental anguish?.

I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode and we can find out!.

Speak in a bit!.

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