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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 22 May 8.30pm

Here we go with part two of this Wednesday's Coronation Street episode review.

Out on the street, the lad that Steve ran over is (luckily) unharmed. Laying heavy apologies, Steve quickly recognises the lad and realises he's actually a Weatherfield County football player for their youth team. Not wanting the accident to be found out, Steve promises to not call the police, unfortunately, Brian has already called them.

David is shocked by Natalie's kiss and denies ever flirting with her. It seems Nick's plan is working. Spotting the police on the cobbles, Nick quickly accosts Sally and asks her to look after the factory whilst he's on the family break. Sally sees the bonus cash as an excuse to buy more equestrian gear and readily accepts.

Suggesting that Billy needs a haircut, Shona is suspicious of Natalie's intentions and sends the vicar over to the barbers to spy on them. David rattles Billy's plan but also tells Natalie to forget about their stolen kiss. Later, Shona and David kiss and make-up. Looking forward to their holiday, David isn't about to admit his latest misdemeanour.

Meanwhile, Abi struggles with her coursework in the rovers, whilst Sally gets Jenny and Yasmeen to join her for a horse riding lesson.

Steve and footballer James lie to the police to cover up their accident, but the officer tells the cabby that his license is now in jeopardy. Admitting his bad luck to Tracy, Steve admits that he might be losing his license and Streetcars, in the process. Tim is also distraught at the news. Is this the end of the Corrie cab firm?

Roy is also still upset at Wayne for prying about Carla, yet the health and safety inspector is adamant there is more to Roy's rattled disposition, than just Carla's illness

Meeting at Nick's flat, Sarah, Toyah, and Leanne share theories as to where Nick's £30K actually came from. Sarah, having received advice from Rita, tells the girls that she thinks Rick Neelan has loaned Nick the cash. This prompts Leanne to finally admit her doubts about Nick, and the girls form a plan to meet up with Rick!

Oh eck! this does not sound promising.

What did you think to Wednesday's double episode?

Let me know your thoughts! I shall be back same time next week.

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Jo said...

Most unrealistic that Sally could get a riding lesson for 3 people on the day.

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